Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can You See The Love?

I am truely blessed with wonderful children. I'm not going to lie and say it is always rainbows and sunshine with them...but for the most part they are great kids. The love between these two is immeasurable. Anytime Zachary walks into the room Zoe lights up like a Christmas Tree. Zachary is costantly hugging and kissing her. At times I wonder if Zachary is getting enough attention with her around. So I try to play with him on his own or do things just the two of us. But he often complains when she is not there. I took him to the library last night and he put on his "sad" face on the way there because Zoe stayed home with Daddy. If Zoe is ever crying I can count on Zachary to make her laugh. I'm so grateful for the love that these two have for one another and hope that it continues throughout their lifetimes.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Little Mover

Most days this is where I find Zoe...halfway stuck under the couch. She definitely gets around. And not necessarily in the forward direction. She has yet to master the crawling forward motion. She gets everywhere by rolling and scooting backwards...hence getting stuck under the couch. She is definitely my little squiggly worm now.
On another note...look at that picture again. I hate that I am readjusting the couch cover every time someone gets up from it. It would be so much easier just to go out and buy a new couch instead of covering up the lovely flower print. Joe like to call it the "early marriage motif". Why doesn't money just grow on trees?

Canning Galore!

Last Christmas Joe bought me a bunch of canning stuff. We had dabbled in it last year. But this year? Oh my! Watch out! Mother D brought us a ton of peaches from Cali a couple of weeks ago and I was able to can about 25 quarts. Then the neighbor brought me a bunch of peaches from her tree. So they all got canned as well. The funny thing is...I don't think that all of these peaches are going to last us past Christmas the way my family goes thru them.
Yesterday a friend came over and we canned salsa and tomatoes....and in a couple of weeks we are going to have oodles and oodles of tomatillos for salsa verde. After yesterday I will be happy not to see another tomato any time soon. But I just looked out the window and my tomatoes outside are ripe. Can you guess what I will be doing later in the week?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun at the Fair

Mother D has been in town for a few days with Heather and we decided to go to the fair while they were here.

Can you believe that these are the only pictures I took at the fair? As we were walking up to this race car Zachary was commenting how it was like McQueen...and if you don't know who that it you either don't have kids or live on another planet. The gentleman that was standing by the car said that just like McQueen real race cars don't have headlights either...they have stickers for lights. I didn't think that that was really true...I guess you learn something new everyday. He let Zachary get in the car and he was in Heaven! You could barely see his head.

Heather headed home yesterday. We were sad to see her go but glad that we get Mom for a little bit longer.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We finally went camping 2 weeks ago...the whole family. Joe and Zachary have been going every week for about a month now on overnight adventures. But I finally took some a day off of work and we went!
Ignore my hair. This is what I look like after camping in the rain and the mud. Yup...it poured on us.

Here are our camping buddies...Spencer, Chandra, and the lovely Sydney.

Zoe was content to stay in the tent and play with her toys while the rain and hail came down.

The ever adventurous Zachary tried to climb every rock and tree he could find.

Let me introduce you to Bessie. At least I like to call her that. Joe will probably beg to differ. Joe was involved in an accident a few months ago and the Pathfinder was totaled. As a result Bessie became a member of our family.

Zachary tuckered out on the drive home. You should have seen all of the mud on his clothes. Nothing like being a boy and camping!


I took the kids to the zoo early Labor Day. I knew it would be a busy day so we got there right when it opened.
Look at that perfectly gummy smile!

We have season passes to the zoo and I have never been to the Discovery play area. Amazing that as small as our zoo is here in Salt Lake that we have never been to this area. Zachary had a blast!

I cannot get enough pictures of her smile. She looks like she has got little golf balls in her cheeks. Look at those things!

Can you tell that he is saying "cheese"? We finally made it to one of the bird shows and it was pretty good.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big and Strong

Zachary planted some carrots earlier in the season and they were finally ready to pull a week or two ago. He was so excited to finally eat them after making sure that they were watered and got plenty of sun. As he was eating them with the "special sauce" (aka ketchup...yuck!) he would say I'm getting big and strong over and over. Ask him...he'll be more than happy to show you his muscles!

Yup...he's a Davis!

Not that there was any doubt before...but this picture abosolutely proves that this boy is a Davis. He has developed the same talent as Grandma in being able to touch his nose with this tongue. And let me tell you...he is so PROUD of himself!