Monday, May 21, 2007

Zachary Steven Davis

I'm finally back online to give everyone an update....Zachary Steven Davis was born nearly 2 1/2 weeks early on April 25th. After nearly 20 plus hours of labor the doctor decided that it would be best for both Zachary and I that he be delivered by C-Section. Good thing cause my little boy was not so little...10lbs and 21 inches long! As you can see from our family photo....all my son is missing is some hair on his chinny chin chin to look just like his daddy. He is definitely a Davis baby!
My parents came out from California and stayed for a week. And let me tell you what a blessing that was! Especially when it takes you about 10 minutes to inch your way out of bed. I'm grateful that they were able to come out and spend some time with their first grandson.
Joe's mom came the week after that. And we had a lot of fun with her here. It was nice to have people around to help with Zachary.
And then we (Zach and I) successfully had our first week on our
own last week.
Joe and I are truely blessed to have Zachary in our lives. I thank my Father in Heaven for him each day. In my opinion he is a really good baby. But then again this being our first I don't really have anyone to compare him too. I just can't complain about him. And as you can tell from the pictures he is such a cutie!!!!!!!!! You gotta love those cheeks!
Wait for more pictures and continued bragging about this adorable kid!