Thursday, June 28, 2007

So I saw this book featured on the Today Show a few weeks back. In the segment this father was talking about how this book got his son outdoors more and away from the television and video games. So I bought the book as Joe's Father's Day gift. This is such an awesome book! I would definitely recommend it...especially if you have any boys. In this book it walks you through how to build a tree house, make a water bomb, make a go-cart, how to skip rocks on water, how to make a paper airplane. They are things to get your kids outdoors! Who really wants their kid sitting in front of a tv all of the time?! It also has chapters on pirates, the Declaration of Independance, cloud formations, fishing....the list goes on and on. I have found myself sneaking peeks at it. I know that as Zachary gets older he and Joe will find the many things that they can do together.

Monday, June 25, 2007

2 Months

Hard to believe that Zachary is two months old today! I'm sure that I will say that every month for the next year...."I can't believe he is this old". We were having some tummy time and as you can see he was so tired that he didn't last very long. The funniest part was that he kept trying to tuck his legs up which made his little toush get higher and higher in the air. Joe and I were commenting tonight about how often he is smiling now. So he is smiling more often and getting stronger everyday. He keeps his head up as often as he can. And most recently he has begun drooling like crazy! Could this be the start of the teething process??? Just this weekend we started putting him in his room at night. I think that I am having a little bit of separation anxiety over it. I like having him right next to our bed. But now is probably a good time for him to enjoy his cute bedroom (check out previous posts to see his totally awesome room!).

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All Smiles!

I just took this picture this afternoon...he has been all smiles today!

Being a Mommy

Growing up I never said, "I want to grow up to be a Mommy". The job that I wanted after a visit to UCSB for a volleyball tournament was to become a Marine Biologist. Obviously, that didn't happen. And then when the televsion program The West Wing came on the air, I secretly wanted to be Allison Janey's character and become the White House Spokesperson. I mean honestly, doesn't that sound like a cool job?! Think of all the info that you would hear that the public wouldn't...I mean what really goes on inside the White House? OK....back to some of the jobs I have had over the years include working at a movie theater, selling paper with sand on it, and most currently selling boxes and bubble wrap. I know they all sound like glorious jobs and y'all are jealous. But I have to say that the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD is being a Mommy! Zachary amazes me everyday with the things that he does. He needs and depends on me, he charms me with his smiles, he entertains me with his ever changing noises and facial expressions, he cuddles with me, and there is no doubt in my mind that he loves me with all of his little heart! And I love him and am proud to call myself a mom to this little man!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Happy 1st Father's Day to my wonderful husband!!!!!! Zachary and I let Daddy sleep in this morning. Something that he rarely gets to do anymore. Unfortunately, he had to go to the restaurant this afternoon. There were a lot of reservations on the books. Which honestly surprised me...I always thought that Mother's Day was the heavy hitter for restaurants but Father's Day is right up there with it.
Yesterday we went over to Grandma Davis' house for a little while. We celebrated Father's Day and a birthday with some of Joe's cousins. While we were there Joe and Zachary got into the pool to beat the heat. Zachary didn't like the cold water too much but still enjoyed the time that he got to spend with his Daddy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Heads Up!

Here is our cute boy holding his head up! Zachary has been trying to lift his head off of our shoulders since birth...but now he is holding it up all of the time. This started about a week or two ago. In this picture Daddy was trying to get him to burp.

I cannot believe how big he is getting already. He left all of those newborn clothes in the dust! That is what happens with a 10 pound baby. So my almost two month old is already diving into the three to six month bracket with regards to clothing.

My mom is dying to know how much he weighs now. But he hasn't been to the doctor since his two week check and it is another couple of weeks before he goes back. Mom suggested jumping on the scale with him and without him to figure out his weight. I prefer not to have a scale in my house (otherwise I would be obessing over my weight all of the time). Do you think I would look funny at the local Wal-Mart jumping on and off their scales just so I could get my mom an answer? he he he

Monday, June 11, 2007

Zachary's Blessing

Our Internet is back up and running once again!!! I guess you don't realize how much you use and rely on the Internet until you don't have access to it. BLAH! Oh well....thankfully Joe's cousin was over this weekend and was able to fix everything for us. Thanks Tiffany and Jared!

Last Sunday we blessed Zachary at church. Here is another family picture...since we had so much family from the surrounding area show up...Joe changed quickly when we got home to start the barbeque, hence the lack of shirt and tie.

So I went around town looking for a cute little white outfit for my boy...but truefully I just really didn't want to spend any money. So we chose an outfit that we had received prior to Zachary's birth. I think that it worked quite well. I had him sitting up straight for the picture but then he stretched and his little body was all contorted. But he is still cute! Check out his little rolls on his arms and legs!