Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

Merry Merry Christmas!!! I know that we are a few days late...but better late than never!

We had a wonderful white Christmas just the three of us. Unfortunately, we did not make it out to California this holiday season, but maybe next year. We have been talking about what traditions we would like to have as a family. This being our third Christmas and we still don't really have any "traditions". Turns out we found one. Zachary ended up sleeping with us Christmas Eve night. Poor little guy was not feeling well and still isn't feeling well. He had a bit of a cough on Christmas Eve and wasn't sleeping very well that night so we brought him to bed with us and he

slept like a log the rest of the night. We really didn't get Zachary anything for Christmas other than a ball and some books. The rest came from the grandparents. He liked to tear the paper....we just had to start it for him. I think that he would have enjoyed himself more had he felt better.
And as I said before we had a White Christmas!!! It snowed like crazy on Christmas Eve night. We had some friends over for dinner and it was still snowing pretty bad when they left that night. Good thing they only live a few doors down from us. Joe shoveled the driveway and sidewalks while I took care of the cars. It was beautiful! The snow just glittered in the yard. I wanted to make a snowman so badly but the snow was just too fluffy.
We are so very grateful for this time of year to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Not only are we grateful for this holiday but we are grateful for the sacrifice of his life for ours. As it has been said by the prophets...God be thanked for the matchless gift of his Son, Jesus Christ.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Recent Pics

So here are a few pictures of Zachary from the last week or two. Just so everyone is updated and knows that he is still the cutest little boy! (Cause I know y'all were really concerned)
Zachary has a sudden facination with Joe's hats. If Zachary is still awake when Joe gets home from the restaurant he almost falls out of my arms reaching for his dad and then reaching for his dad's hat. He'll keep the hat on for about a minute and then takes it off so he can chew on it. We have had to exchange the hat for some old ones that he can chew on as long as he wants to.

This is from last weekend. Since you can't read his shirt it says....Chicks Dig Me. And it has a little baby chick on it. Way cute!

Zachary loves to hang over the end of the couch and try to reach for the tree. Try as he might he just can't reach it just yet....thank goodness. Several of my friends have been over and consider me lucky since I can decorate my whole tree and they are only able to decorate the top half of their trees due to their little ones. I'm enjoying it this year while I can. I may be encouraging Zachary a little too early you can see I give him a string of beads off of the tree that he can play with. Maybe next year I'll just surround the tree with a gate. Won't that look pretty?!

This was a picture that I couldn't resist taking. He was so tired that night that he just passed out in Joe's arms.

And this one is from tonight's bath. What a cute kid! I think that he might be starting to look a little more like his mommy and not so much like his daddy. Or maybe it is just wishful thinking.
On a little side note....maybe you can see it in some of the pictures...Zachary has a bruise (or what looks like a bruise) just to the right above his right eye. It has been there since he was 3 or 4 months old. It just appeared one day. I was a bit concerned so I showed the doctor on one of his Well Baby visits. The doc said that it was just a bunch of cappillary (spelled totally wrong) veins gathered close to the skin's surface. Then he goes on to tell me that he knows of a great cranium plastic surgeon that I could call. I almost had to ask him to say that again just to make sure that I heard him right. As I am just staring at the doctor he asks me if I want the surgeon's number. I said is the bump/bruise going to go away? He said that it would eventually. I told him that I would pass on the number. Unbelievable!!! The reason that I am finally blogging about this is that if one more person asks me if... Zachary bumped his head, or he must be crawling due to the bump on his head, or did he fall off the couch...I think that I just might scream. People must think that I beat my child. I feel like I am always explaining his bump/bruise....especially at Church. It seems to me that it is the same people over and over that are asking. I think that I am just going to start telling people that Joe likes to head butt him in the morning. What kind of a reaction do you think I might get?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Temple Square

This past Sunday we went to Temple Square with our dear friends, Chandra and Spencer. Both Joe and Spencer are big goof balls so we had a great time. And it was also a great reminder of the reason why we celebrate the Christmas season. I took so many pictures you would of thought that I was a tourist and not someone who lives minutes from downtown Salt Lake. We got a lot of snow on Friday and Saturday so it was quite cold out. We made sure that Zachary was bundled up nice and warm. And headed out. I like to think that he enjoyed looking at all of the lights. But I think that all he probably saw was my face jumping out in front of him constantly to make sure that he was warm enough. We didn't make it down to Temple Square last Christmas due to moving into the house but there were some things that were new. Up near the Church office building they had luminaries. Some were bags but there were a ton that were metal. They looked so cool! Each bag said Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays in a different language. And the metal ones had various pictures of the manger

scene. Not only that but that had several large Nativitys from various countries set up around the Church office building. It really was a great
time to walk around the Temple and reflect the Christmas season. I am grateful for the birth of my Savior and pray that someday Zachary might understand the importance of this holiday season.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Busy Weekend

We were quite busy this past weekend! I knew that there was a storm coming in and I wanted to make sure that we had something to do while it was snowing. I hate to drive in the snow. Not because it is snowing but because people in Utah don't know how to drive....but that is a whole other subject to blog about. Anyhow this is the first Christmas in our house and I wanted to get a Christmas tree. When we lived in the "love shack" (as we so fondly call it) there was hardly any room for Joe and I let alone a Christmas tree. So for the last two Christmas' we used the tree pictured above that my sister had bought for us. It worked for the 15 inches of space I had to work with. We debated on getting a real tree...I've always had a real tree and from the sounds of it Joe had several Christmas holidays with a lovely not so real tree. But now that we own our own home I would hate to see it catch fire due to a Christmas tree. So I went to Home Depot and purchased our not so real prelit tree.
It doesn't look so bad all lit up with its ornaments. Zachary loves to stare at the tree. He seems so facinated by it.

Here is a picture looking up the street from our front porch. As you can see we got a pretty good snow fall for here in the valley. I would say we got about 6 to 8 inches. It snowed all day! Joe was at work so I was the lucky one to shovel the sidewalk and driveway. Everytime I heard someone start up their snowblower I wanted to curse! But by the time I was finished it wasn't so bad. I even took Zachary out for a little bit.

Our friend let us borrow a snowsuit for Zachary that she had bought at the DI a while ago. It is a little big for him but it did the job. I couldn't believe how deep the snow was in our backyard. I set him down and he sank down until the snow was at his waist. He thought it was so funny.

Later that night we had our Ward Christmas Party at church. Unfortuately Joe had a huge catering at the restaurant and couldn't make it. It was pretty good food, delicious desserts, and good company. Santa even showed up! I didn't think that Zachary was going to last until Santa showed up...but he did! Other than trying to pull Santa's beard he did really good.
We hope that y'all are enjoying the start to your own holiday season!

Monday, November 26, 2007


We had a GREAT Thanksgiving! We packed the car all up on Wednesday evening and headed down to St. George to spend a few days with Jared and Andi. I think that I was more excited than Joe to go. Joe had the week off from the restaurant and spent a couple of days fishing and hunting pheasant before we went down south. It was really nice for him to get away from the restaurant for a little bit. He went out and bought Zachary a new carseat. I'm such a first time mom....when I saw Zachary in his new seat I got a little weepy...he is getting so big and he was so happy in his new seat. He constantly is trying to look out the window to see everything passing by. What a cutie!

Joe cooked the turkey on Thanksgiving and the rest of us tried to help out where we could. It turned out awesome! But of course it husband IS a culinary genius! It was wonderful to spend some time with
Andi, Jared, and the kids. Zachary enjoyed watching the kids play and run around the house. He sure did take quite the liking to Logan. He got so excited when Logan would come sit next to him or talk to him. Joe and Jared were able to go out and spend some time together shooting pumpkins in the hills. (Some of you might think that is not exciting but have you ever seen a pumpkin explode?!) And Andi and I got to do some shopping. Andi has lost a ton of weight and looks incredible! She is my new inspiration to work off some of my own weight.
Thanks to the "other" Davis family for such a wonderful time! We hope you are having fun at Disneyland!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Zachary the Scholar

Zachary loves books! I'm so excited about this. Ummm maybe cause I am such a bookworm myself. He has been reaching for everything lately. But the things that he reaches for the most are his books. He practically leaps out of my lap or arms when he sees them nearby. I took this picture on Sunday before Church. Usually he is laughing or making noises at his books but he was concentrating so hard on this one. Maybe he'll grow up to be a professor of some sort.
Just on a side note....Joe and I are always discussing the things that Zachary could be when he grows up. A couple of weeks ago I was watching Grey's Anatomy and Zachary happened to be up still. So I was talking to him during the commercial break (why only commercial break you ask? NOTHING gets between me and Dr. McDreamy!) and I said, "Zachary you could grow up to be a nurse!" Joe's response when he heard that was, "Two words....Gaylord Focker." If you haven't seen the movie Meet the Parents go rent it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So I just finished reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. I wouldn't recommend it to just anyone. He can be a bit crass at times and the language isn't always appropriate. did give me a very good insight to the world of kitchens. And I feel like I might know a little bit about what my husband goes thru day in and day out at the restaurant. Joe has come home with some stories...some of which I am sure I got the PG version. It can be a harsh enviroment! I am proud of him and the job that he does. I am proud that he doesn't let the temporal things of the world affect him. He is a good husband and a great daddy to our little prince. Both Zachary and I love him very much!
I asked him the other night if he ever gets tired of being asked about food. What is your signature dish? What is a good desert recipe I can use for my dinner party? What is a good set of knives I could buy? These are just a small example of the things he is asked. But food is his life (aside from Zachary and I). This guy lives and breathes food. When he isn't at the restaurant he is working on new receipes at home. Whether that be writing them or cooking them...and I am the lucky recepient of the tastings! So if y'all are ever in town...I know a good place you could go eat!
Keep up the good work my love!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's My Half Burfday!!!

Today is Zachary's half birthday!!!! Can you believe it??? Our little prince is 6 months old. And to celebrate this special day we went to the doctor's office so he could get poked a few times. He was such a little trooper. He got a flu shot as well. He seems to be doing well so far. Hopefully no fever or crabbiness will follow. We have been feeding Zachary vegetables for about a month now so we decided to celebrate this special day that we would finally give him some fruits. I snuck in some applesauce earlier in the week unbeknownst to Joe. Zachary just kind of stopped and stared at if to say "What are you giving me Mom!? Too sweet too sweet!" So today we tried some bananas. That stuff is disgusting! I LOVE bananas but this stuff was so gross. Zachary wasn't too sure what to make of it either. So he didn't eat that much of it. But he sure did eat up his Sweet Potatoes.
He is at such a fun age right now. Making new noises all of the time, constantly wanting to grab at everything, and just being so dang cute! He is starting to get the hang of rolling over. We were playing on the floor of our living room this afternoon and I went to go get some socks for him out of his room...when I came back he had rolled from his back to his stomach. He had this HUGE-o grin on his face. He was so proud of himself.
I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed us with parenthood. Zachary is such a joy in our lives. He makes the mornings so wonderful (no matter how early) with his precious smile. I know that we are loved by him by his reaction anytime that Joe or I walk into the room. We are grateful for our little family and the knowledge that our family is an eternal family.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In a previous post I was saying how much I enjoyed watching the seasons change now that fall is here in Utah. This a picture of the tree in our front yard. Beautiful! But my strong distaste for having to clean up these yucky pea pods that fall off of the tree is overpowering my love for fall right now. Yesterday afternoon Zachary and I went to WalMart to purchase a rake. I thought that I found this awesome rake for a very reasonable price. Zachary went down for a nap when we got home. Good thing....cause he didn't hear me trying not to say profanitites to the piece of crap rake that I thought was such a good deal. The handle kept coming out of the base of the rake every other time that I was raking the god-forsaken pea pods! Now that I think of it I probably looked funny talking to the rake every thirty seconds. I was so irritated by the time I finished that I didn't have the energy to pick up the pods. So there are about 4 piles in the front yard waiting to be bagged. I was secretly hoping that my husband would surprise me and pick the piles up for me. But that hasn't happened....yet. =)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Too Much Fun!

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
See what happens when you check out other people's find stuff like this. I laughed my butt off!

Please Pray.....

...for those individuals affected by the many many fires in So Cal. My sister-in-law and her family have been evacuated from their home in San Diego. And my family in Santa Clarita could be evacuated at any moment. The Santa Ana winds are no joke. The can and do cause much damage by whipping the flames around like nothing. My dad said the smoke was so bad yesterday that the street lamps were coming on on their street in the middle of the day. I pray not only for my family members but for all who are being affected by this. I pray that the brave firefighters are able to do their best in controling this situation. Hopefully, this will all be over very soon.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Here are my boys! I meant to post this last week...but it has been a busy week. Last Monday we went to the final home game of the REAL Salt Lake soccer team. Joseph is a big soccer fan. So big that he managed to somehow convince me to let him get season tickets for next season. Hmmmm....what should I get in return? I'll have to think about that one. Zachary had a good time. He was such a good boy even though it was so dang cold outside. The funny thing is that everytime the crowd would boo he would stick out his bottom lip and get really upset. But when everyone was cheering he was fine. He kept batting his eyes at this lady sitting behind us. A show of things to come as he gets older? A couple of weeks ago we went to the game when LA Galaxy was in town. We had left Zachary at home due to Joe's insistance but I convinced him to let me bring him this time. Our little family had a great time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The "Super Saucer of Power"

I love carrots!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

I've Been Sucked In...

I've been sucked into the Stephenie Meyer phenomenon. I don't know how it is elsewhere in the U.S. but here in Utah it seems as if everyone I talk to is either reading or has read her series. So I was at Costco about two weeks ago and they had all three books. So I bought the first one called Twilight and read it in two days. I felt like a teenager all over again. So I went back to Costco and bought Moon and Eclipse. I read Moon and now I am on Eclipse. Who knew that a story about vampires and werewolfs could be so captivating. So my house is not as clean as it usually is nor have I blogged in weeks due to my insessant reading. Joe came home from the restaurant the other night and I was watching television. He said, "What?! No nose in the book? Did you finish yet?" Helloooooo!!!!!! It was Grey's Anatmony. Apparently my husband doesn't no me that well. Nothing comes between me and Dr. McDreamy....not even a vampire love story. So I'm about 1/2 way thru Eclipse and hopefully should be done shortly. Then I just heard from a friend that there is going to be a fourth book in about a year. Now I have to wait a whole year for the fourth book!! AWWWWW...the agony!

Our dear sweet Zachary is doing well. He cut his first tooth! At 5 1/2 months he has already got a tooth! And he was such a trooper. I noticed last week that he was a little fussy and I couldn't figure out why. Then on Friday he started gnawing on my hand and what do you know there was a tooth on his bottom gums! He has been eating vegetables for about two weeks now. He LOVES carrots!!!! I think that I am going to hold off for just a little longer on the fruits. But he gets so excited when he sees me pulling out his food. He starts flapping his arms and gets a huge smile on his little face. We bought a high chair about a week ago and he looks so dang cute in it. We also bought him what I call the "Super Saucer of Power". This thing has all the bells and whistles. I'll take some pictures of him in it and post them later.

We hope that all is well with y'all in blogger land!

Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Fall!!!

I love Fall!!! That means that the holiday season is just around the corner. And to live somewhere where we actually see the changes in the seasons is awesome!

I started sort thru Zachary's clothes last week. Good thing cause he first day of Fall on Saturday brought a storm and another yesterday. So now we have got the long sleeve shirts and pants out. More new clothes for Zachary to wear. Joe feels that he has to remind me sometimes that Zachary is not a doll. I just have to see if the outfit fits! =) So today we went on our afternoon walk and it was much much cooler than normal. His head was almost too big for the beenie. Guess I'll have to go shopping! Our walk didn't last too long ears were getting cold. So I can't imagine what Zachary's felt like. Right now he is slobbering all over himself. He has discovered his tongue and likes to make all kinds of noises. And big news.........he rolled over not once but twice on Saturday!!!!!!!! I was so excited. Then of course we try it today and he didn't do it. But who knows what will happen tomorrow!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I've Been Tagged.....Again!

I've been tagged "IT" again. This one is different then the last. I'm supposed to write 8 random facts about myself. So here are some random facts about me....some secret and some not so secret. Enjoy!

1. I think that I have blogged about this before...but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be the White House Spokesperson. Many many moons ago my roomates and I were faithful watchers of West Wing. Now I wouldn't want the job for the political factor since I am the farthest thing from that. But I would totally be in the "know". How cool would that be?!
2. As much as I love living in the SLC and I know that it was the right choice for our family...I desperately want to move back to the Camarillo/Oxnard/Ventura area. I MISS THE BEACH!!! I miss the feeling of the sand between my toes. I cannot wait for the first time that Zachary gets to go to the beach. He is going to love it as much as I do!
3. I usually never have a problem with the fact that my husband is the culinary genius of our family. Yes yes I know he went to school and this is his everyday life. But lately I have been feeling not so up to par in the kitchen with him. So I secretly wish that I could go to culinary school and whip up some delicious meals for my family.
4. Here is a secret that I doubt no one knows...I wish that I was still pregnant. Or maybe pregnant again. But that isn't reality. It won't be happening for some time if we are blessed to have another child. I just miss the feeling of Zachary in my stomach. He was such a mover. It was a comforting feeling to me. But now that he is here I can hug and kiss and love him as much as I want to.
5. I hate feet. Everyone pretty much knows that. I think that they are stinky and gross. I'll only touch my husband's feet if he takes a shower and puts clean socks on. I know I am strange. But I LOVE it when he massages my feet. It is like heaven! He does it perfect so that my very ticklish feet aren't tickled.
6. My very favorite ice cream in the whole wide world is Breyer's Banana Fudge Chunk. But do you think they sell it here in Utah? Of course not! I've gone over 2 years with out that amazing taste. Boo hoo hoo.
7. I don't feel right unless my house is totally clean. I can thank my mother for that one. I am a freak about it. If things are not picked up and in their place I feel a little nuts-o. So I am generally cleaning the house until Joe gets home late at night.
8. I secretly "stalk" other peoples blogs. There are some days that I am obssesive about it. There is just something about reading about other peoples lives. Maybe it is like watching reality tv...I just get sucked in sometimes. So if you are a blog stalker like me, post a comment so that I know who you are.......and then I'll stalk your blog too! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Saturday, September 15, 2007


It was my Dad's birthday last week so I decided that Zachary and I should go out for a visit. Look how white my son is compared to my dad. You would think that I never take my kid out in the sun! Zachary did SO SO SO SO good on the plane flight. I however was making myself sick with nervousness. But he fell asleep about 5 min into the fight and woke up about 10 min before we landed. What a trooper! We spent some quality time with the family and had many visits from various neighbors and friends. We even made it out to Oxnard on Sunday to see Joe's mom and sisters. It's too bad that we live not so close but we made the best of it while we were there!
My sister, mom, and Zachary.

I think that every picture I took with my niece Montana and Zachary she always had her hand on his head. She was so good with him. Always wanting to help change and feed him or help him to get dressed. Montana tried her best to convince me that Zachary would have more fun in her room cause she had so many toys that he would love to play with. She even managed to slip a toy truck into my bag so that Zachary would have something to play with on the flight home. She is such a fun 4 yr old!

Zachary getting a kiss from his Nana.

This is a picture of Zachary and his cousin Peter. He belongs to Esther, Joe's middle sister. Peter is about 2 1/2 weeks younger than Zachary. We laid the babies next to each other and next thing we knew they were linking arms. Theses two were so funny.Through out the entire day they were hungry at the same time, getting their diaper changed at the same time, getting fussy at the same time, and wouldn't you know it...sleeping at the same time as well. What cute cousins!

As well as Zachary did on the flights to California and back I'm not sure that I'm willing to that again....alone....for a little while. Hopefully Joe will be able to get the time off for the next trip!

Zachary Update

So there was some confusion at the doctor's office as to when Zachary's 4 month check up we got in a little late. He had his appointment this past Thursday and he is about 4 1/2 months old. He took his shots like a champ! He fussed a little when the did the first one but by the third he was good. I think that he was more upset at the fact that he hadn't been fed than he was about the shots. My brave little boy. The doctor said all is well. He even said that he has slimed down a bit since his 2 month check up. Slimed down? He weighs 17lbs 14oz! But I guess since he has moved from the 95 percentile down to 85 then I suppose he is slimming down. He is 27 1/4 inches long as well. He is doing all sorts of new things all of the time. Right now he is laying on the floor pulling his binky in and out of his mouth and is totally entertained. And this whole binky thing is weird too....he would never take it before but now loves it.

Today he is SUPER HAPPY Zachary! As you can tell from the picture. He has been such an angel today. Maybe it is because he knows that his mommy is feeling a little under the weather. We were out in the back yard for a while due to it being such a beautiful day. Zachary loves to stand up. He never wants to lay down. So he stood up in the grass and on his blanket and on me, etc....I think that you get the picture.

Hopefully if he goes down early tonight I'll post pictures from our trip to California last week.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm 4 months old!

Is this not the cutest face EVER??!!! Zachary turned four months old this past Saturday. He is such a joy in our lives. All I have to do is look at him and he breaks out in this HUGE toothless grin. He has got great dexterity and is grabbing at everything he can only to put it right to his mouth. We are hoping that he might roll over soon. He raises his legs into the air and leans them to the left. I try to work with him and show him how to roll over so we will see. Thank goodness
for the bibs that we have...this kid drools like there is a faucet in his mouth! He just opens up

and out it pours. My favorite is when he is attempting to eat and smiles and it all comes right back out. On Sunday Joe convinced me to
give Zachary some rice cereal. I don't think he
knew what to think.But I loved the look on his face. And in case you cannot see it Mom he is wearing his I LOVE MY NANA bib. I think that we might wait just a little bit before we try it again cause he kept pushing it right back out with his tongue. I'm guessing that his stomach is going to have to get used to this stuff considering it all wound up all over me a bit later. That was a fun mess to clean up. BLAH! Not sure if I have talked abou the "magic blue chair" yet, but you can see it here in the pictures. I am totally convinced that this chair has magic powers. Zachary never ever cries or fusses when he is in this chair. He might be fussing and I put him in the chair and he magically stops! LOOOOOVE THE CHAIR! Lately, he has been trying to turn around and look at the bear...way cute! Anyhoo...enjoy these handsome pictures of our growing boy.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ward Camp Out

This weekend was our ward camp out. This year it was somewhere up in the Uinta Mountains. (I had no idea where we were.) I was not too keen on camping with Zachary being so young still. I had dealt with the fact that we were going to hold off on camping until he was a bit probably next summer. Our neighbors, Chandra and Spencer, convinced us to go up and have dinner with everyone, hang out by the fire, and play some games for a little while. Then they said that we could stay with them at Chandra's family cabin in Midway. We agreed and had a blast with everyone! I'm so glad that we agreed to go to the was freezing! As you can see Zachary stayed bundled up pretty good. Thanks for the jacket Nana! He was totally fascinated with the fire. That is what he was staring at in the picture below. The view from the cabin was fantastic! We could see the Provo River and even caught sight of the Heber Creeper (a train) making its was across the valley.

It was Zachary's first night away from home and he did really well. (Great preparation for our trip to Cali) It didn't even disturb his sleeping thru the night. =) In the morning we decided to head out to breakfast at the Homestead. It is a resort in Midway. This was also the first time that we have taken Zachary anywhere to eat.....and we probably won't be taking him anywhere soon again. He is usually such a great baby but he did not do well there. In due time right?

Friday, August 24, 2007


Have you ever had a hard time forgiving? I am having that exact issue right now. I have encountered a situation with a person who has said some hurtful and incorrect things. This person has made several assumptions about me and my family that just are not right. I guess Heavenly Father puts us in these situations for a reason. Joe and I gave talks at Church a couple of weeks ago on forgiveness...I spoke about being on the receiving end of forgiveness and he spoke on giving forgiveness. I think that I might have learned more if I gave his talk. Or at least maybe I wouldn't be having such a hard time with this unfortunate situation. I so badly want to respond to every single hurtful comment but decided after several discussions with Joe to take the higher road and not respond to the things that were said but to simply send an email to end the discussion and move on. I have such a wonderful husband and that he is such an awesome example to me. Well this morning I received yet another email......FAAAAREEEEEK!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! This whole situation will not go away! It is like this person has to get the final word in. Well I'm letting her have the final word. I just don't feel that anything she has said warrents a response. As much as I hate to just let her make all of these assupmtions I just don't have the energy to respond. I'm sure that as soon as I make a response then there will be another email to follow and another and another. It will turn into the neverending circle of responses. Is that forgiveness to not respond or just me not having the energy to let this go on and on and on and on?

Thanks for reading my vent fest!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Arianne and Dakota

We had visitors this week! My former roomate Arianne came and spent the night with us on her way up to Montana with her son Dakota and her niece Leilana (not pictured). I was so excited to see her!!! It was so nice for Joe and I to spend some time with her. Look how absolutely adorable Dakota is! Joe kept saying that he couldn't believe how much Dakota looks like his daddy Aaron...but I think that he looks like his beautiful mommy as well. Zachary tried and tried to stay up as late as he could to see them. But it was past his bedtime by the time they arrived from their long drive from California and he only lasted about 5 min. Poor little guy. But Dakota was a joy to have visit. He would clap his hands and shake his head...just too too cute!

I'm so grateful for close friends. No matter what you are doing or where you are in life you can always pick things right up where you left off. Ari has been a dear friend of mine for over eight years and I will always cherish her friendship.

Thanks for stopping by Monkey!!!! We love ya tons!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


So Zachary and I are flying to California next month for a visit with the family. I am scared to death to fly with my kid. He will be about 4 months old when we go. Joe is busy with the restuarant and won't be able to go this trip. So I am going to have to lug Zachary and stroller and stuff thru the airport. SLC won't be too bad but we are flying into LAX....I am having a little trouble breathing just thinking about it. Is he going to be the good little baby that he always is or is he going to turn into my worst nightmare on the plane? Will it be totally difficult to navigate thru the airport with him and all of our stuff? Where is my crystal ball that will show me all answers? Any advice would be appreciated!