Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can You Believe It?!

It is hard for me to believe that my little prince is now a year old. I've been looking at a lot of his pictures from the hospital lately and it seems like forever ago but then also feels like the time has gone so fast! To the right is one of the first pictures we took of him. What a cute round Davis baby face that is! And to the left we took this past Friday on his birthday. What a difference a year makes! When he came into his world he was my "little" 10lb baby boy. Now he has "beefed" up to 24 1/2lbs. Ohhhhh how I LOVE him!
We had a quiet celebration at home for his birthday with lots of little goodies for him from both sides of the family. Joe and I got Zachary a DEEEEE-LUXXXX red wagon (which he loves) and some books. We loaded up the wagon with all of his gifts and decorated the kitchen with balloons and streamers. I know that it is his 1st birthday and he is not going to remember any of it. But I want him to look back and know that his birthdays were a big deal for his
mom and dad and that we are so glad that he chose us to be his parents. Of all the gifts that he could have picked out of
the wagon he chose the books! Yeah! I've
got myself a little bookworm! Joe made Zachary a little cake which he wasn't too sure about at first but it didn't take him long to make a huge mess. I think Joe must have put about 2 inches of frosting on this thing. Zachary was so wired from all of the sugar that it took him almost 2 days to get back to normal. He loved his cake and the presents. Thanks to all the family that sent cards and gifts. WE LOVE YOU ZACHARY!

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Zoo

This weekend was Zachary's first trip to the zoo. Jared, Andi and the kids were up from St. George for some doctor's appointments and stayed on Saturday. It was super windy at our house but luckily not so bad at the zoo. We had a great time! Can you tell from the first picture how much fun Zachary was having? He was staring past Andi at the elephants during the picture. And I'm proud to say that he kept his hat on 75% of the time we were there. Truly a miracle! Maybe he was jus distracted by all that was going on. We were glad to have family in town and Zachary loves having the kids here. We are looking forward to their next trip here in another month or two.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Celebrity Husband

Here is the link to Joe's most recent TV spot. There is a sidebar with the two video's. The bottom one is the first and the second is on the top. He is getting better and better with each show he is on. He is due to be on again in a couple of weeks with this same station. I always watch him and then forget to check back on the websites for the links to his TV spot. I remembered this time...so enjoy!

Friday, April 11, 2008


So Zachary had a hearty meal tonight of cut up chicken nuggets and applesauce. I love it when Zachary eats because he always chews (or gums) what is in his mouth before he will open up again for another bite. But when he is feeding himself, as with the chicken, he puts about 5 pieces in his mouth in one handful. So towards the end of dinner his is coughing a little bit which I figure is because he put too much in his mouth. Next thing I know he sounds like he is gagging so I did the finger sweep and got everything out. He was pretty upset that I just shoved my finger down his throat so I took him out of the high chair and he proceeded to puke on me....TWICE! BLAH! You would think that I would be used to this with an almost 1 yr old. But lucky for us Zachary has never been sick. Yes there was the occasional spit up when he was smaller but he has never "blew chunks" before. I've only ever taken him to the doctor (other than his normal check ups) once for what I thought was an ear infection...but was nothing. So I consider us lucky in that respect. Back in the day when I was preggo, Joe and I decided that I would deal with the poop and he would deal with the puke. Obviously he isn't home to clean it up. So being the SUPER MOM that I am I cleaned it up...and myself up too. I guess when you become a mom the things that used to gross you out or thought would gross you out don't. It is like you are granted some super powers and can deal with it. Or maybe I just haven't encountered the "gross stuff" yet......

Friday, April 4, 2008

This is Zachary practicing his Saturday Night Fever moves. He loves music and just starts bouncing around when we have the stereo on. He does this thing with his shoulders that I wish I could get on video. We've been trying to get him to "raise the roof" but I guess we will stick with the finger-pointing John Travolta moves for now. =)