Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Reviews....

Here is a review today from the Salt Lake Tribune. And this one from SL Weekly. Keep up the good work my love!

Antelope Island

Monday we went to Antelope Island. It is an island on the Great Salt Lake. Despite the not-so-great weather we really enjoyed ourselves. There was a break in the rainy weather long enough for us to hike for a little bit. And thanks to my Eagle Scout husband we made sure we got off the mountain when the thunder started to get closer and closer.
If I didn't know exactly where I was I would have thought that I was back in Cali hiking up above the Pacific Coast Highway looking out at the ocean. The trail that we were on reminded me of a trail up above Magu Rock in Camarillo. It was gorgeous! Zachary babbled the whole way up the mountain and slept all the way down. We saw several buffalo and of course antelopes. There were several camping spots too so I'm sure we will be back for a weekend trip soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Because I love my husband so much I got him season tickets to Real Salt Lake (our local major league soccer team). And for those of you not fans or not living in Utah it is pronounced REE-AL. Joe and some guys from the restaurant have great seats. They are right behind RSL's bench area. And I mean the row directly behind them. We went to the game on Saturday night and REAL WON!!!! Woot Woot!! And because I myself am such a fan of soccer (ha ha) I can't remember who they played. It really was an exciting game. Zachary had a good time flirting with the girls that were sitting behind us. And occasionally watching the game when the ball was right in front of us. There are some really hard core fans (including Joe) where we were sitting. I'm super happy that he can get away from the busy-ness of the restaurant to enjoy a game when they are in town. Even better...the after game partys take place at the restaurant. The players usually show up and mingle and eat some yummy food. The more Joe talks about it the more I kinda want season tickets for the both of us next season!

My Gift

Joe kept asking me what I wanted for Mother's Day. So I told him that a card and a hug would do just fine. He said ok and then asked what I really wanted. So I gave in.....I really wanted a lawn mower and weed wacker for the yard....and I got it! I think that we were the only house on the block who had not mowed their yard yet and it was OUT OF CONTROL! So we worked on the yard the other night and it looks so much better. The weeds on the other hand are going to be a work in progress. I almost feel obsessive about our yard, no thanks to my Dad. When we weren't going to volleyball tournament after volleyball tournament we were working on the yard. Planting flowers, pulling weeds, mowing the grass, etc...but I always remember the Slip-N-Slide coming out after all the work was done. Awwww.....memories. Back to the point...grass has been mowed, weeds have been wacked, and grass has been fertilized. Now where can I find a Slip-N-Slide?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

When I Feel His Love

I had a meeting at Church the other night and this song (by Janice Kapp Perry I believe) was sung:

When I Feel His Love
Quiet times of revelation tune my heart to see
Tender mercies of the Lord are daily shown to me.
As I feel the love of God I seem to understand
I can be an instrument in Heavenly Father's hands.
And when I feel His love my heart has one desire:
To share the joy and warmth His perfect love inspires.
My hands reach out to all in purest charity
That other souls may feel God's love through me.
Quiet times of inspiration touch me and I feel
God's pure love is guiding me; His promises are real.
As I nurture those I love within my daily sphere,
I feel strength beyond my own and know that God is near.
And when I feel His love my heart has one desire:
To share the joy and warmth His perfect love inspires.
My hands reach out to all in purest charity
That other souls may feel God's love through me.
Heavenly Father's blessings, bestowed so lovingly,
Make my hands as His hands when the Spirit shines through me.
And when I feel His love my heart has one desire:
To share the joy and warmth His perfect love inspires.
My hands reach out to all in purest charity
That other souls may feel God's love through me.
That other souls may feel His love though me.
This song really touched me as it was so beautifully sung. And even more so on this Mother's Day. Today I especially feel the love of my Father in Heaven. I feel so blessed to be a mother to my sweet Zachary that I'm not sure I can fully express my emotions into words right now. He has entrusted me with the sweet spirit of this little boy. To raise him in this troubled world. I pray that I might do His will and teach Zachary the difference between right and wrong, truth and error, and teach him to hold to that iron rod.
I am also grateful to my own mother and mother-in-law! What wonderful mothers they are! We wish we could be there with you to celebrate this day but know that we are always thinking of you.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Here is Joe's latest tv spot. He was on Good Things Utah yesterday. Thank goodness for the Internet...I thought this program came on an hour later than it actually was. Whew!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Animal Crackers

I have forgotten how delicious Animal Crackers are! While Esther was here she had some that the boys were sharing between themselves. So when I was at the store on Saturday I bought some for Zachary. Now I need to go back to the store because I have eaten them...all. There are especially good with some leftover milk chocolate frosting from the fridge. YUM YUM!!! So as I have been thinking about these wonderful creations it reminded me of the Shirley Temple movie Curly Top. She sang that song Animal Crackers In My Soup. She is so dang cute! So now you know...I crave Animal Crackers and I love Shirley Temple movies.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a Week!

What a week indeed! Mother D came to visit last week and brought Esther and the boys with her. Grandpa Mann came as well but stayed at Aunt Carol's house. We have had many adventures while they were here. We have been to the park, a local community festival, a cousin's wedding reception, another cousin's missionary farewell, the zoo, Joe's restaurant for dinner, Grandma Davis' house (a few times), and...I think that is it. We had so much fun while they were here and I was sad to see them leave. Zachary loved having someone to play with everyday besides his mom. =) There are lots of pictures so keep on scrolling... This is a great picture of Peter and Zachary. As you can see Zachary's cup is right in front of him but he chose to drink out of Peter's cup....this was a regular occurance between the two boys all week. So most of the time we just had one cup with us cause they wanted to share. What sweet boys!

Playing at the park. There was a lady there and asked Esther and I if the boys were twins. I don't think they look that much alike.

We took full advantage of the new wagon and walked to a local community festival. Peter was on one end and Zachary on the other...Ben even managed to squeeze inbetween the two boys in the middle and shared his snacks. Zachary had such a good time that he fell asleep on the way home.

I love this picture! Peter and Zachary with their Grandma Davis. I can't remember what they were looking at but I remember that I could not get them to look at the camera. Such good looking boys!

The wagon was even taken to the zoo!

Ben checking out the monkeys. He would tell us everyday that he was Zachary's favorite cousin. Maybe he understands all of that babble that Zachary has been doing lately.

And finally, Zachary with his Grandma Davis and Great Grandpa Mann. We enjoyed getting to visit with Grandpa Mann. He even came to the restaurant with us for dinner one night and Joe cooked him up a special meal.