Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So have I mentioned that Zachary has been walking? I don't think that I have. Unfortunately, our camera doesn't have video capability but nonetheless, I love this picture. It looks like he is waddling. He has been taking steps since our trip to Ohio. But he is now officially walking! Compared to almost everyone I know who has toddlers he is a little behind in the walking department. But I have been alright with that...considering now he is Mr. Independent and won't hold my hand when he walks or doesn't want to be held most of the time. I try to hold my finger or hand out to help him walk or walk with him and he will stand there and flap his arms and grunt until I stop. It is pretty funny but at the same time I still want him to want me. But I know that this independence is all new to him and he is enjoying it. We've been taking many walks and surprisingly he stays on the sidewalks.

We were out walking last night and he fell forward. The sound of his head hitting the sidewalk was not a sound I want to hear often. Now he has a bump next to his bump and his nose is all scratched up. On a side note...check out those eyelashes!
I guess he doesn't look too bothered by his bumps and brusies! I think that his teeth are bothering him more than anything else. He already had his front 4 teeth on the top and bottom but it looks like he is getting ALL of his other teeth right now...molars included. But he is being quite the little trooper thru it all.

New Toy

So I bought Zachary a new toy a week or two ago. The Little People Noah's Ark set by Fisher Price. He LOVES it! It makes me feel good that he plays with it so much. So it was definitely worth the money. His favorite animal is the lioness. He takes her everywhere. She goes outside with us, to sleep with him, and in the car. He loves it when I put her on top of Joe's head in the car or on the back of Joe's seat. He laughs and laughs and laughs. I panicked on Sunday cause I thought that we had lost her at Church. I was on my hands and knees looking under pews and could not find her. I just figured another kid found her and took her...but turns out that he had just put her in his diaper bag. Thank goodness! Maybe I should find a name instead of just calling her "her". =) He likes to line all the animals up on the couch and I try to point out the names of the animals so that he will learn. The other day I picked up Noah and said, "Zachary this is Noah". He stopped playing, yelled at me, and then knocked all of the animals off of the couch. I think that he thought that I was telling him no. Noooo Zachary, he name is you think that I might tell him no too often?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank you Thank you Thank you

I'm a slacker for not getting this out sooner....but I wanted to make sure that the roof didn't leak. No no no totally kidding! A BIG THANK YOU to my brother-in-law, Jared, for coming and helping us out with our roof. And an even BIGGER THANK YOU goes out to Andi and the kids for going without Jared for an entire week! I can't find the cord to my camera right now so you will just have to imagine our house with a brand new roof istead of looking at a picture. I'll also give a shout out to our ward...thanks to everyone who stopped by when they could to help us out.

Thanks again Jared for all of your sweat and hard work!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Just Like His Mommy

I love me some PB & J!!!!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Say It Loud....

...and say it proud, "WE ARE DRIVE-IN JUNKIES!!!!!!" I remember the first time Joe and I went to the drive-in. We were dating and drove up to San Luis Obispo to visit Joe's sister, Esther and her husband Roger. Picture the look on people's faces as we drove down the freeway with a couch on top of an old BMW on our way to the drive-in. It was so much fun! We have been hooked ever since. When we moved to Utah we found one just down the street from our first place. Before we had Zachary we would go twice a week at we are down to once a week, he he he. So you can bet if you come to visit us it is going to include a trip to the drive-in!

P.S. Click on the picture to enlarge it...look how much Zachary looks like a little boy now instead of my little baby boy. Come on, admit it, he is SUCH a C-U-T-I-E!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Branching Out!

I'm a HUGE fan of PB & J. And I'm also very paticular about the brand and type of peanut butter and jam. I only like Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter. We grew up eating crunchy cause my Dad loved it so much. Yuck! Creamy is the way to go. And it has to be jam NOT jelly. Jelly has lumpy fruit and seeds in it. I prefer jam. And it has to be Smucker's. Before a few weeks ago the only jam that I would eat was strawberry. Well, I decided to branch out and try blackberry. LOOOOVE IT! Dang this stuff is so good.

So now you know...if you ever want to invite me over for PB & J make sure the peanut butter is creamy and the jam is jammy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I've always wanted to grow a garden. But I never knew what I needed to do. Last summer we had just had Zachary and the last thing on my mind was a garden. So this year I started one! And notice that I said me and not Joe. He hates to do anything associated with yard work. But that is ok cause I like to do things like mowing the yard and pulling weeds. The only problem is that Zachary is terrifed of the lawn mower so I tend to do that after he is down for the night. So don't be surprised if you drive by our

house after 9 and see me working in the yard. But back to the neighbor and I are working on it together and that has been a lot of fun. We planted tomatoes, green onions, Walla Walla onions, red chili peppers, and jalopenos. I even bought a pumpkin plant so that I could grow Zachary a pumpkin for Halloween this year. Silly me I don't know why I thought that it would only produce one pumpkin...there are about 5 buds on it right now. But as you can see in the first picture we were able to eat some of the "fruits of our labors"! This may not be exciting for some people but I totally get a kick out of being able to grow some food and partake of it. Our garden is not very big as it is our first but I am hoping to expand it next year.