Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Fun Weekend!!!

We were lucky enought to spend another great weekend with Joe's brother, Jared and his wife Andi. And of course all of the kids too! But this time they came up to our house from St. George.
We put the girls in the baby's room,

and everyone else down in the basement. Not only am I glad that everyone came up but it forced me to get the basement cleaned up in a hurry. It still needs some work but if anyone should come and visit there is a place to sleep. It was a most b-e-a-u-tiful weekend. The temp was up around sixty! We haven't seen that in months!!!! But of course this morning we woke up to about four inches of snow. BLAH! Anyhow...we spent a few hours at

Historic Wheeler Family Farm on Saturday. We have lived here for a year and a half and never been. It was a lot of fun....especially with the kids. We saw various hoursed, milking cows, bunnies, sheep, geese and ducks galore, and chickens. I am pretty sure that the kids had a great time. There were some old tractors that they were able to climb all over. It is always fun to hang out with their family. The kids are so dang cute and are always making us laugh by something that they have said.

On Sunday Joe and I were called in to meet with the Bishop of our ward before Church started. We finally got callings! Yeah!!!! Every week I ask Joe, "so do you think that we will get a calling this week?". I think that I was starting to drive him a little nuts-o. For those of you who might be asking what a calling is....I'll tell ya. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints everyone receives a calling or some sort of job/assistance that they can give to the Church and it's members. This "calling" is received thru prayer to the Bishop from our Father in Heaven. So I received a calling of Secretary in the Relief Society Presidency. The Relief Society is the largest organization of women in the world. As part of our meetings on Sunday we as women gather together to have a lesson. Joe received a calling of the Secretary in the Sunday School Presidency. He is going to help out with all of the Sunday School classes making sure that the teachers have all of the tools that they may need. We are both very excited with our callings and glad that we get a chance to help out with the people in our congregation.