Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Look At This Face!!!!

K....since my own child isn't here to brag about just yet...I'll brag about my cute niece! This is Little Miss Montana. I mean just look at this cute little face. Can't you just see her personality oozing all over the place? I went home for the weekend due to Mom and my sister throwing me a baby shower (I'll update with pictures later on that).

Montana and I are lucky enough to share a birthday. Last week she turned 4 and I turned the BIG 3-0. Needless to say she was definitely more excited about her birthday than I was about mine. Hard to believe that she is 4 already....she has grown so fast!

Lately, every time I talk to her on the phone she is asking if the baby is still in the belly. So this past weekend was a good opportunity to see that Baby Davis is still in the belly. Montana kept talking to my belly the whole weekend. Love her! Love her! Love her!