Monday, June 25, 2007

2 Months

Hard to believe that Zachary is two months old today! I'm sure that I will say that every month for the next year...."I can't believe he is this old". We were having some tummy time and as you can see he was so tired that he didn't last very long. The funniest part was that he kept trying to tuck his legs up which made his little toush get higher and higher in the air. Joe and I were commenting tonight about how often he is smiling now. So he is smiling more often and getting stronger everyday. He keeps his head up as often as he can. And most recently he has begun drooling like crazy! Could this be the start of the teething process??? Just this weekend we started putting him in his room at night. I think that I am having a little bit of separation anxiety over it. I like having him right next to our bed. But now is probably a good time for him to enjoy his cute bedroom (check out previous posts to see his totally awesome room!).


Davis family said...

Whata cutie. do you need some bibs? I have tons!

Arianne & Aaron Lewis said...

cute chunky monkey!!!!

Tiffany, Annabella & the cats said...

He is so cute!!!! How is the sleeping pattern going? Annabella started to drool like crazy and the dr. said no too early to get teeth then by her 3 month appt she had a tooth, you just never know