Saturday, September 15, 2007


It was my Dad's birthday last week so I decided that Zachary and I should go out for a visit. Look how white my son is compared to my dad. You would think that I never take my kid out in the sun! Zachary did SO SO SO SO good on the plane flight. I however was making myself sick with nervousness. But he fell asleep about 5 min into the fight and woke up about 10 min before we landed. What a trooper! We spent some quality time with the family and had many visits from various neighbors and friends. We even made it out to Oxnard on Sunday to see Joe's mom and sisters. It's too bad that we live not so close but we made the best of it while we were there!
My sister, mom, and Zachary.

I think that every picture I took with my niece Montana and Zachary she always had her hand on his head. She was so good with him. Always wanting to help change and feed him or help him to get dressed. Montana tried her best to convince me that Zachary would have more fun in her room cause she had so many toys that he would love to play with. She even managed to slip a toy truck into my bag so that Zachary would have something to play with on the flight home. She is such a fun 4 yr old!

Zachary getting a kiss from his Nana.

This is a picture of Zachary and his cousin Peter. He belongs to Esther, Joe's middle sister. Peter is about 2 1/2 weeks younger than Zachary. We laid the babies next to each other and next thing we knew they were linking arms. Theses two were so funny.Through out the entire day they were hungry at the same time, getting their diaper changed at the same time, getting fussy at the same time, and wouldn't you know it...sleeping at the same time as well. What cute cousins!

As well as Zachary did on the flights to California and back I'm not sure that I'm willing to that again....alone....for a little while. Hopefully Joe will be able to get the time off for the next trip!


Cristin Lassen said...

You're right, even when a kid is well behaved on a flight, it is STILL nervewracking. It makes me yearn for the days I could just sit peacefully on a plane and read a magazine.

Davis family said...

Wow those boys are big. I can't believe how time flies.
We love you.