Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So I just finished reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. I wouldn't recommend it to just anyone. He can be a bit crass at times and the language isn't always appropriate. did give me a very good insight to the world of kitchens. And I feel like I might know a little bit about what my husband goes thru day in and day out at the restaurant. Joe has come home with some stories...some of which I am sure I got the PG version. It can be a harsh enviroment! I am proud of him and the job that he does. I am proud that he doesn't let the temporal things of the world affect him. He is a good husband and a great daddy to our little prince. Both Zachary and I love him very much!
I asked him the other night if he ever gets tired of being asked about food. What is your signature dish? What is a good desert recipe I can use for my dinner party? What is a good set of knives I could buy? These are just a small example of the things he is asked. But food is his life (aside from Zachary and I). This guy lives and breathes food. When he isn't at the restaurant he is working on new receipes at home. Whether that be writing them or cooking them...and I am the lucky recepient of the tastings! So if y'all are ever in town...I know a good place you could go eat!
Keep up the good work my love!


Aaron, Ari and Baby Dakota said...

Cute Joe cheerleader:)

Davis family said...

this is an awesome post.

Tiffany & Annabella said...

Well I hope you are learning some cooking skills. I wish we lived close so Joe could teach me some skills!!! You are such a great wife. I don't think that I am going to read any books on the Navy, Sorry Keyth. I think that I night like this book too though, what do ya think?

The Davis Family said...

You might like it Tiff. I'm glad that I had Joe to help explain some the kitchen lingo and what the foods were that the author was speaking of. It does get kind of foul in the book so be prepared.