Thursday, January 17, 2008

Laughing Zachary

Lately, Zachary has just been cracking up. And lucky for me I've been able to catch it on camera. He is so funny! I get out the camera and he knows to smile and then he just starts laughing. So dang cute!!!! He is also babbling ALL of the time. He says mamamama, dadadadada, and babababababa. I'm not sure if he really relates Joe and I to what he is saying but I like to pretend that he does. =) We have family pictures on our fridge and he is always staring at them. So when he is done eating any meal then we go on over to the fridge and point out all of our family members. So I'm hoping that even though we don't live close to our families that he will still learn who each and every one are.

We think that he might even be crawling soon. But Joe seems to think that he might walk first. This baby just doesn't really like to be on his belly for any length of time. He would rather be sitting up enjoying his toys and playing with mommy.

Joe has been super duper busy with work. As many of you know the restaurant closed down in early December. And is reopening next week (sadly on his birthday) under a new name and a whole new concept. The restaurant will be called Baxter's American...I least I know that the Baxter's part is right. And instead of it being Asian/French type of food it is going to be more main stream American. He has worked really really hard in getting new recipes together and tried and tested. I get to go eat on Saturday night for a friends and family type of deal. I can't wait! Although Joe has brought home plenty of desserts home to test out. My favorite has been the cheesecake with a brownie crust. Cheesecake Factory ain't got NOTHING on this one! So I'll have to let y'all out there in blogging land know how my dining experience was after I get to try everything out. Zachary is waking up from his that's our update for now. See ya!


Anonymous said...

What is it about that outfit that makes little boys look SO DARN CUTE?!!! Our sons are cute anyway, but in that little hoody sweatshirt, you can't help but want to hug and smooch on those boys. Zach looks absolutely adorable.

The Davis Family said...

Thanks Tara! He's not going to be wearing the sweatpants much longer. His legs are getting too long and the pant legs crawl up to his knees. Darn...I guess I'll just have to buy him another outfit. =)

Davis family said...

He looks so dang cute. I want to just pick him up and snuggle him. when things start calming down at the restaurant, we'll have to make a trip.

Wilson Family said...

He really is the cutest!! And I'm not biased either!!