Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Family Fun in Ohio

We spent the last several days in the great state of Ohio. My cousin, Tara, got married and we made it into a mini family reuinion.

The last time I was in Ohio was when my other cousin, Janette, was married which was about eleven or twelve years ago. So it was nice to go back again and spend some time with family. We ended up catching the same connecting flight in Chicago with my parents,
Kameron and Montana. Zachary was a champ on the flights on the way there and on the way home as well. He especially loved the cheetos that Montana was sharing with him on the plane.

Joe was able to get some time away from the restaurant and came with us. He finally got to meet my extended family out there. We spent the majority of the trip helping prepare for the wedding and then just relaxing and hanging out with family. We stayed with my cousin, Janette, and her family. They live in a little town with one stoplight and a volunteer fire department. In fact, my aunt and uncle live just a few buildings away from the fire department so we got to see everyone coming into town a couple of times to jump into the fire truck and take off.
The wedding was really nice and not even the thunderstorms could put a damper on it. Kameron was in the wedding party and looked gorgeous in her dress. My dad was even able to see a few of his cousins that he has not seen in quite some time. And I was able to get some great information for family history. Yipee!!!
All in all it was a fun back to reality.


lhalsey1 said...

So glad you enjoyed being in Ohio with us, Kim, Joe and Zachary. We all enjoyed meeting Joe and loved Zachary. I'm just sorry I missed out on the great Sunday morning Brunch that Joe prepared for everyone.
God Bless
Reenie (Curtis and Emily's Great Grandma)

lhalsey1 said...
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lhalsey1 said...

We were all so happy that you could be here for Tara's wedding. It was nice meeting Joe and Zachary. Of course, we all feel in love with Zachary. What a cute little man. Sorry I missed out on Joe's brunch. God Bless
Reenie (Curtis and Emily's Great Grandma)