Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008 Part 2

After spending a couple of days with my family we headed out to Joe's mom's house where total chaos ensued. But that is ok cause it is what we love about going to Mother D's house. We made several trips to the park and several trips down the slides.
Imagine 24 people all opening their gifts at once...can you see the wrapping paper and tissue paper flying thru the air? It was a sight to behold!
Zachary (notice the much loved hat) loving that fact that he got another dump truck.
I love this picture! Here is Gage, Zachary, and Peter ready to partake of some Sean's famously styled Mickey Mouse pancakes.
We managed to get all 14 grandkids to gather together (oh wait! Baby Dillon isn't in the picture). The only way to get them to sit together was to get them to make silly faces.
And here is Mother D with all of her children.
Amidst all of the loud crying, laughing, and occasional toy stealing...we had the best time. It has been about 2 years since we have all been together. There have been 3 or 4 babies born since then and it was great to see everyone all at once. Hopefully it won't take another couple of years for this to happen again. Love to you all!


Reenie said...

I am so happy that you got to visit with both sides of your family this year. Your little guy just keeps getting cuter each and every day. Today is Makyla's ninth birthday and Thursday will be Brooklyn's 12. All of mine are growing up much to fast and they are greats, but how blessed I am to have them. So many of my friends are older then I am and are still waiting.
Have a wonderful 2009. I am praying for a more peaceful time in this world of ours.
God Bless