Thursday, January 15, 2009


I work for an awesome company! As much as I would love to be home instead of working....I'm thankful to be working while Joe is looking for new employment and I'm thankful to work for a company that is more than generous to its employees. We set certain goals each year and are rewarded should those goals be met. Well, I met my goal this year (as in years past but due to being preggers and then a young baby was unable to make the trips in the past) and the reward was a trip to MEXICO! I was able to take Joe and Zachary with me too! We stayed at an all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen. It is about an hour south of Cancun.
This place rocked! I'm telling you if you have ever debated over whether or not to stay at an all-inclusive place or have GOT to try the all-inclusive! Joe and I were talking on our last day there that we felt like we starting eating when we got there and didn't stop until we left. They had the BEST food!

And as you can see Zachary got in on the food action as well. Here he is chowing down on some mussels.
There was a private beach that we went to a few times but it was pretty windy. And if you remember from my posts about Hawaii, Zachary is not a big fan of the sand. Zachary was a bigger fan of the pool. At least we can say that we went in the Caribbean a few times.

They had this great central area at the resort where most people would gather before and after dinner at any one of the several restaurants. They had this huge fountian that Zachary loved to run around several times a night. They would have different performances going on as well to entertain the crowds.
One morning while Zachary and I were hanging out in the pool area....

....Joe was learning how to scuba dive! They gave a complimentary lesson in the pool and then a group would go out into the ocean. Joe said that he would love to become a certified diver after this experience. He said it was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

We went into town a couple of times and saw these monkeys. Zachary was so excited to see them.
He even got to feed them some sunflower seeds.

Both Joe and I wanted to see some Mayan ruins while we were there. So we went to Tulum. It was only about 45 min from where we were staying. We were going to take the bus but decided to pay for a guide. We had this guy all to ourselves! This guy had a degree in Mexican history and architechture. Joe got more out of it than I did due to Zachary trying to climb under ropes and get up on the ruins and basically just running all over the place. But that's ok...he had a good time.

This place was breath-taking! We learned that this was a place of worship, a place to trade goods, as well as a look out point for any invaders. It was a lot of info to take in...I can't remember it all. But you can bet that Joe could give you the complete run down. So if you are interested...give him a call.

And here is Zachary's new "I'm smiling for the camera" face.
Like I said before...all-inclusive is the way to go. No worries about food or drink the entire time. We had 24 hr room service, a bar downstairs that had sandwichs and fruit all the time, and a most helpful staff that could answer any questions that we had. And I do have to say that they were so friendly to us....especially to Zachary. Here is the link of the place that we stayed at. I highly reccommend it!
Now we just need to work on losing all of the weight we gained while we were there....and maybe some more.


Davis family said...

that last picture of Zachary is making me laugh hard. He looks constipated. sorry, but that's what it looks like to me. This sounds like a great trip. When and if I can ever persuade someone to watch my kids again, I will definitely keep Mexico in mind.

Jessica Marie said...

Wow, the Riu are NICE hotels. I'm glad you guys loved your vacation! Whenever I want to relax I just picture the beach and the palm trees in Cancun. It's so beautiful!!

Kathy Ludwig said...

Aren't you guys just the world travelers! How fun for Zachary to have such experiences with you! Hope all is going well with Joe in his job search - I'm praying for him!

Cati said...

Oh I am so jealous just a little... How fun.. you guys are living the life... don't you just Love to travel to exotic places?? It looks like you guys had a blast.. I mean look at Zachary's face... What an adorable boy... I mean Zachary by the way... although that scuba stuff was kind of adorable too. j/k

Tara Brooks said...

It looks like you had a blast. Thanks for the referal, if I ever get to go, I'll most likely take your advice.

Breanne said...

That looks gorgeous & fun!! I'm glad you got to go!

I just got this sad laugh about your comment on my blog - kind of like, oohhh, I know, they did work their hinies (sp? hehe) off. The food and having you guys do it specifically was one of the top highlights of our wedding.


nikki said...

Good job Kim! I've never been to Cancun...looks beautiful!

Scott and Janette said...

Looks and sounds like you guys had a wonderful time--loved all the pics. Thanks for sharing. Love ya!

Tara Lay said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! I'm really jelous though...Mexico and Hawaii...both places I would have loved to go for my honeymoon...but nooo we did Colorado! I'm not was really nice there but I WANT tropical! : ) Love ya!

Lewis Times said...

Looks like so much fun! Oh, to be warm again....We got to see Tulum on our Honeymoon - awesome! Did your tour guide have a Book of Mormon name? I guess there's a whole family of them that work there: Nephi, Lehi, Ammon etc.