Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2009 Davis Family Camping Trip

Last month we had our first (what we hope to be) Annual Davis Family Camping Trip! I'm going to give credit to Joe for organizing and planning a majority of this trip. He did such a great job...even down to planning out a daily menu. We went to the Great Basin National Park in Nevada and camped near Lehman Caves.
Everyone was able to come with the exception of Rebekah's family. We missed them dearly but they already had an almost 3 week vacation planned that included a stopover in Salt Lake. So we saw her about a week after we got back.
After our tour of the cave, Zachary enjoyed his very first ice cream cone!
And every night he enjoyed a few dozen marshmallows.
Our brother-in-law, Roger, entertained us with his tricked out skills on a bike.
We hiked into the Bristlecone Forest and enjoyed some spectacular views.

We went back to the caves for another tour without any kids. Can you see the enjoyment on our faces?
One of the many views atop the mountain.
Zachary even managed to find a tree stump that he fit into.
Mother D with her kids...minus Rebekah.
This picture says it all! I give Mom a 10 for her perfect form!
I'm so lucky to be apart of a wonderful family. The kids had fun. The adults had fun. Joe and I are already thinking about next years trip and where we should go.


Jess said...

Zachary's first ice cream cone? poor kid's been missing out! Looks like you had lots of fun!

Tiffany -- the mommy said...

So much fun!!! We love camping! Zachary is so cute! I just can't believe how big he is.

Davis family said...

so where are we going? can't wait until next year already!

L said...

zach has turned into the cutest little boy! glad you've been having so much fun.

Scott and Janette said...

Looks like you had a great time--and what a beautiful place. I just love our family camping trips too!!

nikki said...

Isn't being part of a big family the best!Looks like fun, knowing you Davis' I know it was!