Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Bed

Zachary recently graduated to a big boy bed! We are still in the midst of trying to get ourselves into a routine and actually staying in bed after the lights go out. This is definitely a work in progress for both of us. Who knew that he would be so interested with books?! Especially at bedtime...wait a that a stalling tactic?
I'm just glad that he is showing an interest in books. I remember my dad reading me stories before bedtime and then me reading him to sleep at bedtime. One of our favorites was the dictionary! I know...bunch of nerds!
And just on a side note....doesn't he look like he desperately needs a haircut?


Jessica Marie said...

That's exciting! With Jozie, I've ended up just tucking her in bed and then when she comes out she gets a hug and gets told that it's sleeping time so she needs to stay in her room with the door closed. Sometimes she plays or reads for a while or comes out again, but after doing this a time or two she's gotten the idea and goes to sleep after a while.