Monday, December 3, 2007

Busy Weekend

We were quite busy this past weekend! I knew that there was a storm coming in and I wanted to make sure that we had something to do while it was snowing. I hate to drive in the snow. Not because it is snowing but because people in Utah don't know how to drive....but that is a whole other subject to blog about. Anyhow this is the first Christmas in our house and I wanted to get a Christmas tree. When we lived in the "love shack" (as we so fondly call it) there was hardly any room for Joe and I let alone a Christmas tree. So for the last two Christmas' we used the tree pictured above that my sister had bought for us. It worked for the 15 inches of space I had to work with. We debated on getting a real tree...I've always had a real tree and from the sounds of it Joe had several Christmas holidays with a lovely not so real tree. But now that we own our own home I would hate to see it catch fire due to a Christmas tree. So I went to Home Depot and purchased our not so real prelit tree.
It doesn't look so bad all lit up with its ornaments. Zachary loves to stare at the tree. He seems so facinated by it.

Here is a picture looking up the street from our front porch. As you can see we got a pretty good snow fall for here in the valley. I would say we got about 6 to 8 inches. It snowed all day! Joe was at work so I was the lucky one to shovel the sidewalk and driveway. Everytime I heard someone start up their snowblower I wanted to curse! But by the time I was finished it wasn't so bad. I even took Zachary out for a little bit.

Our friend let us borrow a snowsuit for Zachary that she had bought at the DI a while ago. It is a little big for him but it did the job. I couldn't believe how deep the snow was in our backyard. I set him down and he sank down until the snow was at his waist. He thought it was so funny.

Later that night we had our Ward Christmas Party at church. Unfortuately Joe had a huge catering at the restaurant and couldn't make it. It was pretty good food, delicious desserts, and good company. Santa even showed up! I didn't think that Zachary was going to last until Santa showed up...but he did! Other than trying to pull Santa's beard he did really good.
We hope that y'all are enjoying the start to your own holiday season!


Davis family said...

I love the pictures. and the new blog settings, where did you find them? I want to decorate my blog too. Maybe I can figure out how to do it.

Tiffany & Annabella said...

The tree is great. I love the new blog, I want to try too. so give us the low down. I am so glad that we don't live in snow. Miss y'all and give that baby a kiss for me.

The Davis Family said...

Thanks guys. I went to they have a ton there. The only problem is that you lose all of your links. So now I have to reset everything. I'm still playing with it so I don't want to put my links back up only to change it all again.

nikki said...

Your tree is beautiful! Zack, do you call him that? looks so cute!Thanks for the link your blog is cool! But so are you! Do you miss Ca.? Or is it still exciting to have snow and new surroundings?

The Davis Family said...

Hey Nikki!
I call him Zachary, Joe calls him whatever he feels like at the time...Little Z, Bubs, Zach. Miss Cali but know that we are supposed to be here. The snow is fun until you have to shovel it. BLAH!