Friday, December 21, 2007

Recent Pics

So here are a few pictures of Zachary from the last week or two. Just so everyone is updated and knows that he is still the cutest little boy! (Cause I know y'all were really concerned)
Zachary has a sudden facination with Joe's hats. If Zachary is still awake when Joe gets home from the restaurant he almost falls out of my arms reaching for his dad and then reaching for his dad's hat. He'll keep the hat on for about a minute and then takes it off so he can chew on it. We have had to exchange the hat for some old ones that he can chew on as long as he wants to.

This is from last weekend. Since you can't read his shirt it says....Chicks Dig Me. And it has a little baby chick on it. Way cute!

Zachary loves to hang over the end of the couch and try to reach for the tree. Try as he might he just can't reach it just yet....thank goodness. Several of my friends have been over and consider me lucky since I can decorate my whole tree and they are only able to decorate the top half of their trees due to their little ones. I'm enjoying it this year while I can. I may be encouraging Zachary a little too early you can see I give him a string of beads off of the tree that he can play with. Maybe next year I'll just surround the tree with a gate. Won't that look pretty?!

This was a picture that I couldn't resist taking. He was so tired that night that he just passed out in Joe's arms.

And this one is from tonight's bath. What a cute kid! I think that he might be starting to look a little more like his mommy and not so much like his daddy. Or maybe it is just wishful thinking.
On a little side note....maybe you can see it in some of the pictures...Zachary has a bruise (or what looks like a bruise) just to the right above his right eye. It has been there since he was 3 or 4 months old. It just appeared one day. I was a bit concerned so I showed the doctor on one of his Well Baby visits. The doc said that it was just a bunch of cappillary (spelled totally wrong) veins gathered close to the skin's surface. Then he goes on to tell me that he knows of a great cranium plastic surgeon that I could call. I almost had to ask him to say that again just to make sure that I heard him right. As I am just staring at the doctor he asks me if I want the surgeon's number. I said is the bump/bruise going to go away? He said that it would eventually. I told him that I would pass on the number. Unbelievable!!! The reason that I am finally blogging about this is that if one more person asks me if... Zachary bumped his head, or he must be crawling due to the bump on his head, or did he fall off the couch...I think that I just might scream. People must think that I beat my child. I feel like I am always explaining his bump/bruise....especially at Church. It seems to me that it is the same people over and over that are asking. I think that I am just going to start telling people that Joe likes to head butt him in the morning. What kind of a reaction do you think I might get?


Tiffany & Annabella said...

I think that you should tell people that I think it would be so funny. He is getting so big!! I just can't believe it.

Davis family said...

That would be hilarious! Can you video tape it?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think it would be hilarious to see their reaction to that, however another reaction might be to call CPS. Not so funny. You'd be surprised at what lame things people call CPS for. No one can take a joke anymore.

As I was looking at the pictures, I was thinking that he is looking more and more like you, and then you said it. hee hee!
He really is getting big and still just as cute as can be.

nikki said...

Great pics! He's adorable! If you guys make it out to California this year please call us! I'd love to get together! Your such a great mom, I felt the same way when Ben broke his arm, you want to make a t-shirt or something with the explanation on it.

Wilson Family said...

Don't laugh, my son had an obsession with head butting people and things (including a window that he shattered). Lucky for me he has such a hard head, that he never got a bruise or a scratch from it, but man he drove me crazy!!! Nikki W.