Tuesday, March 4, 2008

California Trip Part 1

I guess I should finally post about our trip to California. We've been home for about 2 weeks now. Zachary and I spent the first part of our trip at my parent's house. Zachary was an angel on the flight. He slept for half which I expected then looked at bunch of his books the rest of the time. He became the clingy child while we were there. He had a hard time going to anyone except for me and my dad....lucky Poppy (as we fondly call him)! He took a while to warm up to my mom and sister. Very unlike him. But I guess pull him away from everything he knows and change his schedule around and that will happen.
I could not believe how big my niece Montana is getting! She is turning five this week. Where does the time go?! She certainly had a blast with Zachary. Always wanting to do something with him.

As you can see in the above picture she is trying her best to pick him up. Now matter how much she crowded him he was always happy to see her. He was probably thinking, "finally a smaller person to play with me!" I even promised her that we could have a sleep over and that she could sleep in the same room with Zachary and I. What was I thinking!? At one point I had her and Zachary in bed with me. Did I mention that it was twin bed? Oy vay
My parents loved spending time with their only grandson and I know that they were sad to see us go. Don't worry guys....we'll see you in June!
Did I mention that Zachary is crawling now?! He chased my sister's cat all over the house. At least he made a good attempt to. I guess the cat gave him good motivation to move around. So there was a short summary of the first part of our trip. I'll find more time later to post the rest.


Davis family said...

I love all these pictures. Your family looks great. and Zachary seemed to warm up to them, at least in the pics he seems happy.
he is such a cutie.

Arianne Lewis said...

Montana is huge!! And zach is so dang cute!!!

Breanne said...

Zachary is so smiley and cute!

Paul & I watched the video of Joe on TV - so great! I am going to make the meatloaf tomorrow - we're having family over for dinner. Any extra tips? I will be sure to make it with that "lil' bit of looooove"

Paul was so proud of Joe. Is it Joe's restaurant officially? Paul said as he was watching it that he wished Steve could see it and how proud Steve would be, (well really how proud he MUST be). Anyhow, just thought I would share that.