Saturday, March 15, 2008

California Trip Part 2

The second part of our trip to Cali we spent at Mother D's. Zachary sure does love his Grandma! Esther came with her two boys, Ben and Peter. And Rebecka came with her whole family. Zachary loved playing with his cousins.
I going to have to buy this boy some Legos very soon. But of course you can't claim to be a Davis without owning some Legos! Zachary, Peter and Brandon spent most of their time on the floor playing with said Legos. Cute boys!

Here is Zachary, Brandon (Rebekah's youngest) and Peter (Esther's youngest) all lined up in a row eating dinner one night. I think that Zachary got so used to having other kids around during the trip that he was a little lonely when we got back home. But nevertheless, we had a great trip home....minus the weather. Did I mention that it rained the whole time we were there? Blah! Although, we did get to see the beach and sunshine as we were driving to the airport to come home. Gee....I guess that means we will just have to go back when there is some guaranteed sunshine!


Davis family said...

Sounds like Zachary had a good time. The pictures are great. I love seeing all the boys together.