Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Because I love my husband so much I got him season tickets to Real Salt Lake (our local major league soccer team). And for those of you not fans or not living in Utah it is pronounced REE-AL. Joe and some guys from the restaurant have great seats. They are right behind RSL's bench area. And I mean the row directly behind them. We went to the game on Saturday night and REAL WON!!!! Woot Woot!! And because I myself am such a fan of soccer (ha ha) I can't remember who they played. It really was an exciting game. Zachary had a good time flirting with the girls that were sitting behind us. And occasionally watching the game when the ball was right in front of us. There are some really hard core fans (including Joe) where we were sitting. I'm super happy that he can get away from the busy-ness of the restaurant to enjoy a game when they are in town. Even better...the after game partys take place at the restaurant. The players usually show up and mingle and eat some yummy food. The more Joe talks about it the more I kinda want season tickets for the both of us next season!


Davis family said...

That sounds so fun!! That is so great that they go to the restaurant. Could make it a real popular place!!

Arianne Lewis said...

Cool!! Love the backpack thing for the kid too! hope to get one of those one of these days- soon!!