Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Gift

Joe kept asking me what I wanted for Mother's Day. So I told him that a card and a hug would do just fine. He said ok and then asked what I really wanted. So I gave in.....I really wanted a lawn mower and weed wacker for the yard....and I got it! I think that we were the only house on the block who had not mowed their yard yet and it was OUT OF CONTROL! So we worked on the yard the other night and it looks so much better. The weeds on the other hand are going to be a work in progress. I almost feel obsessive about our yard, no thanks to my Dad. When we weren't going to volleyball tournament after volleyball tournament we were working on the yard. Planting flowers, pulling weeds, mowing the grass, etc...but I always remember the Slip-N-Slide coming out after all the work was done. Awwww.....memories. Back to the point...grass has been mowed, weeds have been wacked, and grass has been fertilized. Now where can I find a Slip-N-Slide?


Cristin said...

Didn't they outlaw slip and slides?

Davis family said...

Awesome. I love getting the yard looking nice!! I think you can find a pretty cool slip n slide at Target. Have fun.