Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am most thankful for the Library!!!! I HEART the Library!!! I've got a list about 10 books deep waiting to show up that I have on hold. I've talked before about how I consider myself to be a bookworm...although not as much as other people that I know. But sometimes it can be hard to be bookworm-ish when you are a mom. But that is another reason I HEART the Library...I take Zachary quite often and he loves loves loves it! He is seriously attached to some of his books that we have at home. In fact the other day we sat in his room for over an hour reading/looking at books. Granted he is only 16 months (HOLY COW!) but I do let him pick out what he wants at the library. Sometimes we only come home with a couple of books but there are other times where we bring home about ten. His current favorite is anything to do with Clifford the Big Red Dog. The Library has saved me some serious amounts of cash-o-la. And has entertained my son for hours at a time. Have I mentioned that I HEART the Library?!


Davis family said...

we love clifford too. I will have to escape to the library and see what new books I can find too. Thanks for the idea.

Jessica Marie said...

Hooray for free stuff! And you know about the community exploration cards right? Free passes to Discovery Museum twice a year!!

Scott and Janette said...

So glad to hear he loves books! Makes a good reader in the future!