Monday, September 1, 2008

Zachary's Lucky Day

We went to the RSL soccer game on Friday night where they beat the Colorado Rapids 2-0. It really was a great game. Joe's seats are right behind the players and during half time there is always somthing being thrown to the fans: t-shirts, little soccer balls, candy, get the idea. I kept trying to get a little soccer ball for Zachary but they were being thrown right over my head. Well, the players were coming back onto the field after half time and some had slightly bigger soccer balls then were being thrown out earlier. One of the players, Javier Morales, threw one of those balls to me! Zachary was so happy

that he had is very own ball. We had to hide it under our blanket for fear that he would throw it onto the field. We gave it back to him in the car and he fell asleep hanging onto it. And then Saturday played with the ball all day. Needless to say, Joe is quite excited that Zachary loves his soccer ball so much. He dreams of Zachary becoming this world famous soccer player. I guess we will have to work on that one.


Tiffany -- the mommy said...

looks like so much fun!!!

Davis family said...

WOW. that's awesome. He looks so cute.

Scott and Janette said...

Go Zachary! Soccer must run in the family--Curtis loves it. Just wish he would kick the ball once in a while :)

Love ya