Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kauai Vacation: Day 4

Did I mention that our dear sweet boy was up every morning between 4 to 4:30? I guess he just didn't want to get off schedule. So thank goodness for the DVD player...Zachary and I would get up and watch a movie and then he would be down for a nap by 7. Then off on our daily adventures!
Now that all of the wedding festivities were over we had the next two days to ourselves. So we decided to head on up to the North Shore and explore. Our first stop along the way was in Kilauea were there is a lighthouse. Unfortunately, we were too early for the gates to be open and actually get down to the lighthouse so we just took pictures from the lookout point.

We then stopped in Hanalei for some breakfast. Zachary pretty much refused to drink out of any sippy cup this trip. He did pretty good with a straw in a cup as long as there wasn't too much in the cup.
The drive was gorgeous. In fact I too busy looking at everything to even think about pulling out the camera. But we did stop at this place called the Limahuli Garden. My understanding is that parts of the movie South Pacific were filmed here. It was so pretty. I think it is about a mile or so loop thru the entire garden. But there were lots of tropical flower and fruit trees...and lots of plumeria. I LOVE PLUMERIA!

Zachary walked a lot on this little hike but then got a ride on his dad for some parts.

We continued our drive up the North Shore and when we got there the beaches were closed due to the winds and high surf. All of the locals were getting back in their trucks with their surfboards with a huge look of disappointment on their faces. Zachary was wiped out as we headed back to our place for a little bit.
The Church is true in Kauai too! This building was right across the street from where we were staying. We actually came across 3 different buildings admist our travels there.
We decided to go back to Lydgate Beach to spead the afternoon. I finally got Zachary to sit in the sand. We threw rocks into the water for quite a while while Joe went snorkling just down the beach.
This day was so relaxing. I think that it might have been our favorite day on the island.


Tara Lay said...

Everything is so pretty! And green! Wish there were places like that locally!