Friday, April 3, 2009

The Pacifier Dilemma

Ok fellow bloggers, blog stalkers, and whomever else might read this blog....I need some advice! So at what point do you take the pacifier away from your child? Zachary is going to be two this month and I feel that it might be time. But why? Is it just society that makes us want to take away the comfort of our child? Why must we take it away? We have discussed possibly waiting until he understands what a big boy is and that big boys don't have pacifiers. So that is an option. I just don't want that to be until he is five.

The only time that he ever takes the "binkie" is when he is going to sleep. Ok...and when he is REALLY REALLY upset. I am pretty set in my ways that he only gets it on these two situations. But lately he only gets it when going to sleep. He is getting good at brushing himself off and moving on.

Joe and I have heard a few stories about when and how the pacifier has been taken away. But we really want to hear more. So bring it on peeps! Let's hear what you have to say!


Tiffany -- the mommy said...

Annabella was two years old when she finally got rid of hers!! When I say she got rid of it she did she threw it in the trash, but it wasn't without help. I secretly started snipping off the tip every few days until she just didn't want it anymore. Annabella only had her pacifier at night and on long, long car I totally know what you are talking about.. I wanted to get rid of hers as soon as possible because of the kids palates they are still so pliable and I wanted Annabella to have a nice structure for her teeth yes I am crazy!!!

If you are gonna start to snip just little snips so that he barely notices and then one day he will be like what is this and get rid of it....

Us! said...

I like Tiffany's suggestion when you are ready. I asked my pediatrician, whom I love and has kids of her own, and she said 2-2 1/2 years old.

Jenn said...

My sister takes the bottle and binkie away when they turn one. But I think she might be a little crazy for that. I've heard of the snipping thing and might try that when Desi is older but I think every child is so different you will have to find what works for you. Maybe you can give him something else like a blankie or toy to sleep with.

Tara Lay said...

I didn't have to worry about this myself...Makyla stopped so early...she was a little over one i think because of her ear infections! But I think you should talk to your pediatrition as well...I think Tiffany mentioning the palates was my thought on the dot...I think if they suck on them for to long it effects their bites. But I definatly think two to two and a half is a good time to start thinking and talking about it.

Lewis Times said...

I like Tiffany's take. Abie never took one (still sucks her thumb to sleep) and Benjamin gave his pacifier up when he was about 8 mo. But I do know that it can affect their teeth if you let it go too long. I think I heard by 3 you want to have it gone, but check with your Dr or a Ped Dentist.

Tess Jarvis said...

I don't know you, I actually just stumbled onto your blog but thought I would leave my 2cents. My daughter used her's until she was about 3 1/2. It was that same situation, only at nap times. We went on a trip and forgot to pack it. I really had it but was curious to see how she would react. She did ok, we bought her a toy to replace it and when we got home I ran in ahead and hid them so she wouldn't remember them and it worked beautifully. I did go thru times when I was "stressing" with how old she was but I was told by a stranger one day, "You never see a bride walking up the aisle with a pacifier". I realized she was growing up fast and it would soon pass. Good Luck

Breanne said...

The reasons I've been wanting to get Taya off are -
a) She is so dependent and addicted to it - I don't like seeing such dependency - I want her to be able to sooth herself a little better
b)a few months back (so she was probably 17 mo. at the time, the dental hygienist told me it's not good for their teeth/mouth
c)if they do have it at all during waking hours and are talking with it, that doesn't seem like it can be good for their talking development and it's harder to understand their speaking attempts
d) and this is the biggest one for me, my friend whose 2 1/2 year just had hers taken away would no long take any naps! That is early for no naps! I need Taya's naps! haha, so I'm thinking while Taya is this young, we can take it away and hope that she'll adapt enough to still take naps - and for a long time to come hopefully!

In a book I read, it suggested doing it gradually, less and less time ... and then by taking it away after they are asleep (yeah, if they don't wake up right?) so they get more used to sleeping without something in their mouth, and then take it away for naps, and then finally for bed time.

We've tried the snipping thing - but maybe we snipped too much b/c Taya tried it and then took it out of her mouth and threw it to the ground - and she did it over and over again! This girl makes her point! But I've it that works with others.

Sorry for such a long comment, we're debating the same thing here - so we can relate!

Cristin said...

Good question.

I took Luke's away at 2 years 6 months. At that point he was only using it for sleeping. As soon as we took it away he stopped napping. It was sad (for me).

I wouldn't worry about the teeth. Just use those orthodontic ones. I tried the snipping thing, but it didn't work with Luke.

I have such a love/hate relationship with the pacifier. I think we all do.

I think that toddlers naturally need to suck. In other cultures they would probably nurse till they are 3 (I read somewhere that is the natural weaning age if we didn't encourage it), so why wouldn't he want a pacifier if he's not nursing? It just seems normal. This is all my opinion though, what do I know? I'm interested in what you end up doing though.