Monday, April 27, 2009

Guess Who Turned 2!

That's right! Zachary did!
We spent the afternoon at the zoo and left just as it started raining.
We got him a Cars tricycle. He has not been off of it since we gave it to him. Which makes me feel like the money was well spent!

We ended the day with a bbq and cake with family. Check out the cake...we decided to go with the monkey...and I just want to point out that I, not the chef in the family, made the cake.
For whatever reason he decided to get shy when we sang Happy Birthday to him. What a cutie! Love Him!


Jenn said...

So cute! The cake is darling! What a cutie!

Tara Brooks said...

CUTE CAKE! Resa wanted me to make that one for her birthday, but then realized that it was mostly chocolate. My crazy daughter doesn't care for chocolate. She had strawberry shortcake instead (nice for me cuz it was WAY easier).
Happy Birthday 'lil Zach!

Scott and Janette said...

Wow, two years old. Where does the time go???!!! He looks as cute as ever, and so did the cake. Good Job! Love ya!

nikki said...

Cute cake Kim! Can't believe it's been 2 years, he's getting so big so glad I got to meet him before he's all grown up!