Thursday, May 7, 2009

California....Again's true. We went to Cali again! It was yet another awesome trip. This time we headed out to Santa Barbara for our friends Mark and Melissa's wedding.
Doesn't my hubby look dapper in that suit?!

We were able to stay one night with my parents. And after our time in SB we stopped by the Davis household. Esther had heard that we were going to be in town and came down with her two boys. There was much fun to be had with the three boys. We went up to Ojai one day to explore and poke around the mountains.
It wasn't long before the boys discovered this stream.

And then not much longer before they were all soaked and running around without their shirts on.
Now we are back to reality and unfortunately don't know when are next trip back to Cali will be. But I savored the beach breeze and California sunshine while there!


Tiffany -- the mommy said...

I wish I was there with you! miss you!

Breanne said...

Looks FUN!
I hear more & more about Ojai and want to go there next time we're in Cali - never been! Your pics make me want to go even more!

Zachary looks so cute in his birthday cake pics - and great cake! I'm impressed :)

Tara Lay said...

Oh how I miss the beach breeze!