Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We finally went camping 2 weeks ago...the whole family. Joe and Zachary have been going every week for about a month now on overnight adventures. But I finally took some a day off of work and we went!
Ignore my hair. This is what I look like after camping in the rain and the mud. poured on us.

Here are our camping buddies...Spencer, Chandra, and the lovely Sydney.

Zoe was content to stay in the tent and play with her toys while the rain and hail came down.

The ever adventurous Zachary tried to climb every rock and tree he could find.

Let me introduce you to Bessie. At least I like to call her that. Joe will probably beg to differ. Joe was involved in an accident a few months ago and the Pathfinder was totaled. As a result Bessie became a member of our family.

Zachary tuckered out on the drive home. You should have seen all of the mud on his clothes. Nothing like being a boy and camping!


Jenn said...

I can't believe how big he looks! What's real camping without some rain?