Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun at the Fair

Mother D has been in town for a few days with Heather and we decided to go to the fair while they were here.

Can you believe that these are the only pictures I took at the fair? As we were walking up to this race car Zachary was commenting how it was like McQueen...and if you don't know who that it you either don't have kids or live on another planet. The gentleman that was standing by the car said that just like McQueen real race cars don't have headlights either...they have stickers for lights. I didn't think that that was really true...I guess you learn something new everyday. He let Zachary get in the car and he was in Heaven! You could barely see his head.

Heather headed home yesterday. We were sad to see her go but glad that we get Mom for a little bit longer.