Monday, October 27, 2008

Kauai Vacation: Day 1

It was a VERY long first day. After 10 or so hours of traveling and lots of bananas and raisins we finally made it to Kauai!

Zachary was a CHAMP! We are so lucky that he travels so well. He pretty much slept for half of the 6
hour flight from Phoenix to Kauai
and watched movies the rest of the flight.

After we unpacked at the condo we set out in search of somewhere to eat. We came across this place called Olympic Cafe. It was atop several little shops and was open all around the place. So we got a great view of the island. And Zachary loved all the doves that kept landing on the ledge to retrieve any crumbs that were left.

The main reason that we went on this trip was that Joe's best friend, Chris, was getting married and Joe was the best man. We eventually met up with him and his bride-to-be at another local restaurant. Unfortunately, by this time Zachary was offically done fo the day. After a very embarrasing temper tantrum (by Zachary not me) I left Joe find his own way back to the condo. Of course Zachary fell asleep before I even turned the headlights on the truck. It didn't take me long to drift off to la la land myself.


Davis family said...

cool, an update. can't wait for more. Glad the trip there was good.

Tara Lay said...

Hawaii! Must have been beautiful! Can't wait to hear all about the rest of it! I'm sooo jelous!!!!!!!!

Breanne said...

Fun, fun! I'm sure the time away and together as family was much needed and much enjoyed!
I wanted to tell you that your blog is such a good missionary tool, I should use mine as a better missionary tool as well. I loved that quote about women as well. What a good idea to post that message and to do Thankful Thursdays! (I might steel your thankful thurs. idea or something like - is that bad?) :)

jennifer said...

Fun! Glad you had a good trip. Looking forward to hearing more. Miss ya. Love ya.