Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kauai Vacation: Day 2

**WARNING** I'm posting a ridiculous amount of pictures** but it's my blog and I can do what I want...right?
Our 2nd day when went to breakfast with the bride and groom at this delicious place called the Ono Family Restaurant. If you are ever in Kauai I seriously suggest eating there...especially for breakfast. After breakfast we had the day free until late afternoon when we were going on a sunset dinner cruise. So we headed off to the beach! There is this great place called Lydgate Beach Park. Perfect if you've got kids.
There are these huge rocks that surround the beach creating a little cove-like area. So you don't have to worry about getting pummeled by any waves. The waves break on these rocks and create this fabulous area. We have come to find out that Zachary doesn't really care for the sand too much. (Is he really my child?) He would constantly try to brush the sand off of his feet, then try to wipe the sand off of his hands onto his stomach and chest, and next thing you know he is covered head to toe in sand.

All over this island there are wild chickens and roosters. In fact, they even call them ferrel. I've only heard of ferrel cats...but chickens? Sure when you get there you think oh so cute but then they are EVERYWHERE! I do have to admit that the colors on some of those roosters where beautiful. Zachary chased them every chance he got. So that was pretty much everytime we got out of the car.

Unfortunately for me, my husband and child do not love the beach nearly as much as I do. (Who are these people!?) So we headed back to the condo before we had to be out at the harbor. Zachary watched a movie then went down for a nap. In fact we all took a nap. Traveling with a toddler is so different...especially for Joe. He is the kind of the person that is on the go go go all the time. But unless you want a very unhappy child...naptime is a neccesity.

Everyone that was there of the wedding was invited to go on a catamaran dinner cruise. It was a lot of fun. It took Zachary an hour or so to like it.

He loved being below deck and listening to a guy play acoustic guitar. He just sat there with his bottle of water and swayed to the music.
Joe and his best friend Chris Haidet.
This would have been a great family pic had Zachary looked at the camera. That was a challenge this trip. Usually he is a cheese ball and will smile for the camera.
One of many sunset pictures I took.
There were two trampolines towards the front of the boat. It took Zachary a while to warm up to them and the other kids. But he loved to run across it and into my arms. Luckily we didn't lose anybody overboard.


Davis family said...

I love all the pictures. keep them coming.

Cristin said...

I don't mind the excessive amount of pictures either. I'm jealous and also not jealous that you did this trip with a toddler - does that make sense? We thought of going to Kauai again last summer, but there was NO WAY I was going to take Luke.

Kim said...

I totally understand the traveling with a toddler bit. I still haven't drove to Cali yet with him cause I'm scared of a 10hr drive. We went back and forth for months but in the end decided to take him with us. The flight there was way better than the red eye flight back.

Cati said...

OK.. here is the deal, next time you go to the beach, you can take me with you and leave those two at the condo... ok.. fine that is pushing it I know... we all love the beach except for dylan.. its cute to see him just work so hard to take the sand off his sandals... silly boys.. still it looks like you guys had fun...jealous!!!

Tara Lay said...

The sunset pic is BEAUTIFUL! And yes..it's you're blog so picture it up! Love ya!