Sunday, August 3, 2008

Camping Fun!!!!!

This weekend was our Ward Camp Out....which is a bunch of people from Church getting together and going on an overnight camp out. We went up to the base of the Uinta mountains.

Last year I remember it being super cold and we ended up going with another couple to their cabin nearby to spend the night. Zachary was only 4 months old and I didn't want him out in the cold. This year however it was much much warmer. Unfortunately, Joe had to work but I
decided to go without him. My neighbor's husband wasn't going either so we drove up and pitched our tents right next to each other. This was Zachary's first camping trip and he did quite well! He loved being in the dirt and looking at the water rushing by. Hopefully, we will be going as a family as soon as the restaurant slows down enough for Joe to get away for couple of days.