Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Here are a few things that I am thankful for today....

1. I am thankful for those big puffy (and not so puffy) clouds in the sky. Over the last week there have been some beautiful clouds in the sky as we have some storms pass thru the area. I remember as a kid my mom and I would "discover" various shapes that the clouds created...dogs, trees, planes, etc...I can't wait to do that with Zachary!

2. I'm thankful for milk...I think that I would die if I was lactose intolerant. More specifically I'm thankful for milk with ice! It's gotta be as cold as possible.
3. I'm thankful when family comes to visit/play.
4. I'm thankful for our Church Magazine called The Friend. It is for the children. Zachary likes to look at the pictures and I attempt to read him some of the stories at bedtime before he rips the pages, oh I mean turns the pages. I definitely get more out of it than he does but that's ok someday he will love it as much as I do...I hope.


Cristin said...

Ew, you put ice in your milk!

Davis family said...

I do have to agree with Cristin, that is pretty gross. But go for it.