Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Fun Day

It has been a very busy weekend. So it was nice today to just do whatever and go explore. We ended up going up American Fork Canyon and driving around...scoping out future camping spots. We ended up having more fun than originally intended. Imagine that! We found a couple of small lakes that Zachary thoroughly enjoyed throwing rocks into, found several camping spots, saw a few deer, and spent most of the afternoon off-roading
in the truck. So much so that my neck hurts and so does Joe's back. I wonder how Zachary feels. He spent most of the time laughing in the backseat. The rest of the time he took a little nap. Although, I don't see how he could have slept through all of that bouncing around.
The only bad thing is that we had spent the morning washing and cleaning out the truck only to now have it almost as dirty as before! All in all we had a great day....too bad it couldn't have ended with a professional massage!


Davis family said...

that sounds like an excellent day. and Zachary is so big. i can't believe how much he has grown since we were there last. can't wait to see you tomorrow.