Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. I'm thankful for clean bed sheets. I know this one is unusual. As far back as I can remember Thursday was always sheet day at Poppy and Grandma's house. My sister and I spent many a summer there and Thursday we always washed and changed the sheets on all the beds in the house. Guess they passed the "tradition" onto me.

2. I'm thankful for Zachary's hugs and kisses. And the smile he has on his face with every single one. They mean the world to me!

3. I'm thankful for blogging. I've been watching the chatter on Cristin's blog regarding Proposition 8 in California. Blogs are a wonderful place to spout off your feelings and opinions no matter what the subject is. Unfortunately, she is having to deal with those that do not agree with her opinion, of which they have every right to. But too bad some of them have to be so vicious about it.


Cristin said...

Yeah, I don't know why people have to be SOOOO mean. I'm getting kind of sick of it.

Chino Blanco said...

I'm sorry if you think we're mean.

Most of us are actually nice people in real life, we're just very upset about what Prop 8 means for our friends.

I understand the importance of strengthening marriage and family (my wife of 12 years and our two kids are #1 in my life).

But Prop 8 is not about my family, or your family, it’s about families that I’ll most likely never meet, like Richard’s:

Just for the record, here in a northern California county, on January 27th, my beloved husband died. We were registered Domestic Partners with the Secretary of State. Had been since 2001. But Domestic Partners really is 2nd class - no it really is no class here.

He died at home so the Deputy Sheriff acted as Coroner. He refused to recognize me as next of kin. He insisted we call a blood relative in New York State to choose a funeral home etc. He wanted to remove all of my beloved’s possesions from our home and ship them back East … including his wedding ring. It was a Sunday night so I could not get the County judge or attorney to set things right (as I did on Monday) I had to lie and weasle to keep our stuff in our home. Because I did not count at all. Our family did not count. We were 2nd class - no class. Because we were not married.

Don’t tell me that Domestic Partnership is just as good as marriage. And don’t tell me that I was not married in my heart AND in my church to my husband. The Court just recognized what is a fact … he and I were married … and it is a civil right.

You have no idea how much it hurt … still hurts … that in 2008, in California, my family was ignored when I needed it to be recognized the most.

This is a political issue, not a moral one. Religious freedom is very well-protected in our country and nothing about Prop 8 either enhances or threatens that freedom.

Richard pays taxes just like you and me, but couldn’t get a marriage license. As a matter of fairness and equality before the law, that kind of discrimination is just plain unAmerican.

It saddens me that so many in the LDS church leadership are leading the members to believe that Prop 8 is about defending straight rights and straight marriages. Frankly speaking, nothing could be further from the truth.

Kim said...


Thank you for your comment. I am always willing to hear both sides of a debate...of which this is a huge issue to be debated. And it is well noted that you have strong feelings about this. It sounds as if you are taking Cristin's comment personally but I don't see where she has said that Chino was the one being mean. I do support Prop 8. Unfortunately, I don't live in California to support it. But if I did I would probably be knocking on doors too. I don't see Prop 8 as you do but I guess that we can agree to disagree.