Friday, August 17, 2007

Arianne and Dakota

We had visitors this week! My former roomate Arianne came and spent the night with us on her way up to Montana with her son Dakota and her niece Leilana (not pictured). I was so excited to see her!!! It was so nice for Joe and I to spend some time with her. Look how absolutely adorable Dakota is! Joe kept saying that he couldn't believe how much Dakota looks like his daddy Aaron...but I think that he looks like his beautiful mommy as well. Zachary tried and tried to stay up as late as he could to see them. But it was past his bedtime by the time they arrived from their long drive from California and he only lasted about 5 min. Poor little guy. But Dakota was a joy to have visit. He would clap his hands and shake his head...just too too cute!

I'm so grateful for close friends. No matter what you are doing or where you are in life you can always pick things right up where you left off. Ari has been a dear friend of mine for over eight years and I will always cherish her friendship.

Thanks for stopping by Monkey!!!! We love ya tons!


Aaron, Ari and baby Dakota Lewis said...

Thank you! What a sweet blog! your awesome:) Thanks so much for letting us stay with you I was so excited to see you! Things have been crazy as you know- scary sad and crazy!! but recovery is getting better and Dakota and good friends like you are a great help! Love you me:)