Thursday, August 16, 2007


So Zachary and I are flying to California next month for a visit with the family. I am scared to death to fly with my kid. He will be about 4 months old when we go. Joe is busy with the restuarant and won't be able to go this trip. So I am going to have to lug Zachary and stroller and stuff thru the airport. SLC won't be too bad but we are flying into LAX....I am having a little trouble breathing just thinking about it. Is he going to be the good little baby that he always is or is he going to turn into my worst nightmare on the plane? Will it be totally difficult to navigate thru the airport with him and all of our stuff? Where is my crystal ball that will show me all answers? Any advice would be appreciated!


Cristin Lassen said...

Kim - It is really hard to fly by yourself with a baby. I've done it twice now, round trip. Take only what you need on the plane. Prepare for a delay at the airport so make sure you have enough diapers, formula, etc. whatever you'll need for that. Make sure your carseat attaches to your stroller somehow. Luke does better if he doesn't have to sit on my lap. So pray there is an open seat for Zachary next to you and if not, change with someone so he can be in his carseat. The pressure is hard on a baby's ears during landing and take off so either be nursing him, feeding him with a bottle, or giving him a pacifier during this time or he might be screaming. You'll notice that random strangers will want to help you on the plane and in the airport. Let them help you.

Anyway, that was long, but I freaked out about flying too. It is hard, but you get through it.

Good luck.

The Davis Family said...

Thanks Cristin. I heard about feeding him during take-off and landing. I doubt that I will nurse him on the plane...I can just see him start to kick and knock the blanket right off exposing me to the entire plane. Good thing he takes a bottle so well. Thanks for the info!

Tiffany, Annabella & the cats said...

Kim I feel your pain. I have to fly in Sept with Annabella to Phoenix and well I am not excited. I to am terrified. Annabella is so much bigger and well I am just hoping and praying that she will sit on my lap durning the 5 hour flight. I found an article about flying with a child

You should read it it was pretty good.

Davis family said...

well I have only flown once with a child and it wasn't fun, but she was a lot bigger than Zachary. Thank goodness for having Cori's aunt Rebekah with us. Rebekah was able to calm Cori down and get her to sleep. I think the carseat idea is great. Then you can just entertain him like you would in the car.
sorry I don't have more advice. Good luck

Lewis Times said...

I had to fly alone with Abie at 3 months. Taking the stroller helps cause you can push all the gear rather than carry it. Sucking during landing & takeoff is good, but Abie didn't seem to mind it. Luckily, many people will offer to help and those that actually offer are usually nice ones that you feel like you can accept. The hardest thing for me was getting luggage - hopefully someone will be meeting you cause the stoller, baby etc & luggage just isn't cool (I had to manage this one time, luckily someone offered to help). Good luck! Oh, and try to have him tired, sleeping helps pass the time!

Aaron, Ari and baby Dakota Lewis said...

All went well for Annie! She said that the lugging was hard but camden did great- guess Ill be faced with that smae thing in a few weeks! Good luck girl! youll do great:)