Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ward Camp Out

This weekend was our ward camp out. This year it was somewhere up in the Uinta Mountains. (I had no idea where we were.) I was not too keen on camping with Zachary being so young still. I had dealt with the fact that we were going to hold off on camping until he was a bit probably next summer. Our neighbors, Chandra and Spencer, convinced us to go up and have dinner with everyone, hang out by the fire, and play some games for a little while. Then they said that we could stay with them at Chandra's family cabin in Midway. We agreed and had a blast with everyone! I'm so glad that we agreed to go to the was freezing! As you can see Zachary stayed bundled up pretty good. Thanks for the jacket Nana! He was totally fascinated with the fire. That is what he was staring at in the picture below. The view from the cabin was fantastic! We could see the Provo River and even caught sight of the Heber Creeper (a train) making its was across the valley.

It was Zachary's first night away from home and he did really well. (Great preparation for our trip to Cali) It didn't even disturb his sleeping thru the night. =) In the morning we decided to head out to breakfast at the Homestead. It is a resort in Midway. This was also the first time that we have taken Zachary anywhere to eat.....and we probably won't be taking him anywhere soon again. He is usually such a great baby but he did not do well there. In due time right?


Tiffany, Annabella & the cats said...

You are brave... For as much as we have taken Annabella everywhere else camping is not one of them But I think we will be going soon. It looks like a beautiful place...Miss you

Davis family said...

give him awhile and he will do good at eating out. Especially when he gets to eat too. He looks so cute all bundled. Thanks for sharing. we miss you guys too.