Monday, August 13, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!!

I've been Tagged!!! Thanks Tiffster, Tiffster the cool rockin riffster! Now y'all can learn a little more about me. =)

Jobs I’ve Held:
1. Mann 10 Movie Theatres
2. Best Buy
3. Standard Abrasives (yes...paper with sand on it)
4. Flexpak
5. Mommy to my dear sweet Zachary!!!!

Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
1. Goonies!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Band of Brothers (Thanks to my husband)
3. The Little Mermaid

Places I Have Lived:
1. Garden Grove, CA
2. Saugus, CA
3. Northridge, CA
4. Camarillo, CA (THE BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!!)
5. West Valley, UT
6. Salt Lake City, UT

TV Shows I Enjoy:
1. The Nine
2. CSI- Las Vegas
3. Big Brother 8

What were likely the 1st things you thought when you saw your significant other for the first time? I hope this guy keeps hanging around he is so much fun...and pretty cute!

Places I’ve Been on Vacation (other than the U.S.):
1. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!!!!

Favorite Foods:
1. Mexican Food
2. Indian Food
3. Anything my wonderful Chef of a husband makes!

Websites I Visit Daily:
1. Hotmail
2. Blogs of family and friends3

Body Parts I Have Injured:
1. Knees
2. Toes (I tend to kick things ALL of the time)

Nicknames I’ve been called:
1. Kim
2. Kimmie
3. Kimbo
4. Monkey

Now I get to pick other Blog buddies to do this!

Tag, you're it:

1. Andi Davis
2. Arianne Lewis


Tiffany, Annabella & the cats said...

You are very welcome... I knew that you would do it...